Former Memphis teacher and firefighter indicted for statutory rape

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Bryan Wilson/Michael Lewis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former Memphis teacher and a firefighter have been indicted on previous charges of statutory rape.

Michael Lewis has been indicted on seven felony charges, including three counts of statutory rape by an authority figure, three counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

Bryan Wilson has been indicted on charges of aggravated statutory rape.

Deputies say two 17-year-old girls told them they were involved in sexual relationships with the men.

A girl told investigators in one case, the consensual sex happened inside a Bolton High School classroom numerous times.

Bolton teacher and assistant basketball coach Michael Lewis, 31, is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

The girl also said she spent at least three nights with Lewis at his home.

The second girl told police she stayed with Bryan Wilson, 31, at least ten nights and had consensual sex five times.

Investigators say the teen girls said sex was consensual, but it’s a crime because they are underage and at least one of the men was in a position of authority.


  • Rob

    A grown man take advantage of a younger women and you have the audacity to call them skanks. I can Bet you wouldn’t be saying that if it was your daughter that went through it. That’s all I am saying. Have a nice day Pam.

  • notatallsurprised

    This is happening too often! What hiring process do these sickos go through to wind up in classrooms and in places that are supposed to advocate for children?! Pathetic…..

    • Whoohaa

      Both attended Bolton. Michael was on the basketball team. He was a slime bag back then as well, lol serves them right.

      • HulaLoopy

        Michael went to school at Appling too the first year it opened. He was in my class. I didn’t like him much either. He was a bit of a show off and he was mean to other kids. He got what he deserved. Looks like he is having issues growing up and trying to relive the “good ole days.”

      • OscarMeyerBig

        I think Roartintiger is right, whoohaa. However, I knew them through social circles back in the day and I went to school with Michael even played basketball with him, and I can tell you they both had it coming. Play with fire and you get the 3rd degree! Well past time to grow up. Get married and have kids like the rest of us have done. High school ended nearly 15 years ago!

    • OscarMeyerBig

      Yeah, I hear ya. They did something really stupid. I wonder what they plan to do now that their rep and careers are destroyed. Should’ve grew up fellas! I feel bad for ya, but then I don’t because that is pretty dumb.

  • Anonymous

    These people are not from Memphis. Bolton and Bartlett are not Memphis and they are in fact going out of their way to disassociate from the city. Please do a better job in reporting, WREG.

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