Youth violence has happened before in Poplar Plaza parking lot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- What happened in theĀ  Kroger parking lot on Highland Avenue over the weekend has many asking what is it going to take to get young people under control?

The video of teens on the attack disturbed many people. Jimmy Chambers, the gang investigator who visits schools to try to steer kids away from gangs, was livid.

"I was pissed off. I wasn't surprised I was pissed. It's going over and over again. Here we go again. Here we go again," Chambers said.

Last year, WREG talked with a man who had been beaten by a group of teens in the same parking lot. They threw things at his car and surrounded him.

Chambers says its time to get tough.

"It's time out for talking. Let's let these juveniles know we got some real grown ups that run this city," Chambers said.

He says Fam Mob members have been rejected by other gangs, and these attacks are to get attention.

A special Multi-Agency Gang Unit has been going after gangs. WREG rode along with them and showed you their work last year.

District Attorney Amy Weirich says Fam Mob may require a new approach, but one thing is the same.

"Parents need to make sure kids are in school everyday on time and when they are out of school, parents need to be parents," Weirich said.

"You don't want it to come to folks carrying weapons and shooting children. You don't want that. That's something we don't want. A solution needs to come and it needs to come like yesterday," Chambers said.

He says if it doesn't, the kids will end up in a body bag.

Prosecutors say with a new gang enhancement penalty, they'll go after gang suspects to the fullest extent of the law.

The penalty increases the punishment for gang activity. Parents can also be held accountable for their kid's actions.


  • hkwesson

    All these stupid ignorant kids need a good but whipping and put prayer back in schools what is it going to take for the so called leaders to get it parents are not allowed to whip their children because somebody put it into law now children are wild only a select few are not blame the goverment not the parents you can bet your last dollar that if my kids was growing up in this society that I will be giving the appropriate punishment some kids are still getting whipping look around

    • Sivad

      i know plenty of people that weren’t whipped and didn’t go to church who turned out not to be a-holes. It was because their parents raised them right. Good parenting doesn’t have to include whipping and praying.

      • Ama Kudari

        Totally agreed. Prayer has nothing to do with this. If the adults really want to step up, show the kids that they are loved, that they mean something, that they are valued, that they have something to look forward to in life. Give em a hug.Adults will then create opportunities for kids within and outside of schools where they can focus their energy into something positive, rather than negative. Work with the Peace & Justice Center, volunteer at a school, be kind to others, care, participate in the Love Mob at Poplar & Highland today at 4pm.

    • Long Gone

      HK. You’re right, This is a problem with culture and character. Prayer never hurt anyone. If nothing else it provides time to reflect on oneself.
      At least one child parents have lost control. He should have been removed from their custody and placed in state care long before this.
      Throwing more money at social programs designed to keep them busy is a total waste.
      Remove these kids from their environment and place them in State care and require accountability

  • dada

    Man are all these social give away,stop da violence programs working! Screw Wharton and screw this 3rd world country! Thug is a thug and always thug!

    • Howard Stern

      I think it was yesterday when I read about some clown saying we need more social programs for the kids to keep them off the street. MY A$$! Those gimme programs aren’t doing a dang thing to keep punks like these Kroger parking lot thugs off the street. Use the money spent on these programs to build more jails and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law – that will help keep these pieces of trash off the street.

  • Ric

    “…Over and over again” ? OK, somebody is lying since Armstrong said it was an “isolated incident”.
    WREG, Please investigate the misinformation being fed to the taxpayers that pay these people. This is insane!!

  • JOE

    Great idea put the parents in jail too, drain their income. They won’t. How many parents have gone over truancy? Remember that one. They don’t even make these kids go to school. Just more cheep talk, another Memphis failure….

  • Rude Druid

    This is the second time the mob came out of Ci Ci’s Pizza,

    These are Willie Herenton’s feral thugs.

    And I bet Ruby and Andre Thornton and Henri Brooks are mighty proud of them.

    I have voted for A C four times, but I’m voting against him and his family next year.

  • Calypso

    Miss April. It is not FAB MOB . . . . it’s fam mob that those parasites are claiming. Yes they are rejects, but it’s the breakdown and lack of their real family that is the problem.

  • Jon

    Yet another fine moment for the history books in Memphis.
    What was once a beautiful small southern city is nothing more then a cesspool filled with ignorance and corruption.

  • Gonebabygone

    This incident is the third time, that I can remember, this sort of mob has made the news in this same location. Talking to store employees there, it has happened more often than that. This is just the first time it has been caught on video and that is the ONLY reason there has been any action.

  • takenobull

    With Memphis a war zone I think its a good time to take pay and benefits away from Cops and Fire Fighters so they can be recruited by cities who are ran better and successful. :)

  • TigerFan

    Once one of the kids does get shot by a law abiding citizen with a carry permit who is defending themselves or their family, there will be public outcry among the black community that the shooting was uneccessary. Does anyone remember the elderly man with the carry permit who shot the 20 year old black man in Eastgate years ago when he was being carjacked? The 20 year old had a rap sheet a mile long and the victim shot and killed him in self defense. The criminal’s mother stated “I don’t know why he had to shoot my baby. He wasn’t gonna hurt him, he only wanted his car….. he just had the gun but wasn’t gonna use it.”

    It will continue until we all get our fill – and by we I mean all law abiding citizens regardless of color.

  • WillyMoore

    Great job there Chief Armstrong. I wonder how much I’m going to lose when I attempt to sell my house and move out of this cesspool before the few remaining white folks decide it’s time to actually make a stand against the hordes and the stuff hits the fan?

  • Anna

    I vacationed in Memphis for a couple weeks a few years back, it was the cleanest nicest city, not worried about going anywhere, what the heck happened to it? Who is running that town now?

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