Victim’s family speaks out after Kroger beating

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The father of one of the victims in the Kroger parking lot attack says even though these kids seriously hurt his son, he feels bad for them.

Kroger security was combing the aisles of the parking lot Monday, but the father of one of the victims said there needs to be changes across the entire city of Memphis to stop this violence.

Mark Sauser said, "We got a call from his supervisor and we needed to come as quickly as possible."

Never in his life did he expect something like this to happen in this city, let alone to his son.

Sauser said he's seen this video of Saturday night's attack, but wont let anyone else in his family watch it. He says luckily, his 17-year-old son doesn't remember most of it.

"He had contusions on the back of his head, the side of his head where he was kicked. Bruised all over his body. But he didn't suffer a concussion and we are thankful for that," he said.

Sauser's son was one of the three people attacked at the Kroger. He was working his normal shift, but Sauser wouldn't say if he'll return to work there. They're keeping him home from school until he fully recovers from the beating.

Sauser said he feels bad for these kids. He knows they don't have a good family life, and criminal charges for this attack wont help their future.

"While my son was hurt he is going to come out of this. These kids are not going to come out of this," he said.

WREG hasn't confirmed the names of the other two victims. Sauser had no comment when we asked his opinion about a co-worker filming the beat-down rather than stepping in to help.


  • Reality Check

    His son is a hero in my eyes! The father is being too nice about these thug cowards. Quit saying it’s not their fault. There are plenty of teens out there who don’t have a good family life that choose right over wrong. These teens are old enough to know right from wrong and need to pay the consequences.

    • Joe

      Reality Check, that was the most clueless comment I’ve ever read. You didn’t even suggest a counter-reason to give a point behind why you were whining about what was said in the first place…

      • 1midtownmike

        I don’t know what you’re smoking Joe, but it sure as heck ain’t Lucky Strikes. If these thugs don’t know right from wrong, why do they take off running when law enforcement arrive at the scene? Joe, you are a major part of what’s wrong in today’s society.

      • Joe

        Midtown Mike, if you think for one second I or the father are defending the thugs that caused this, you are completely clueless too! Obviously, you don’t comprehend very well, and if you think we’ll resolve the crime epidemic by finding them and putting them in jail and torchering them, or taking out our aggression on them, you are being very simple-minded and thoughtless about this whole situation.

        Yes they have problems, anyone with so much as a kindergartener’s education knows that. How many more kids do you think live in this city that have family problems too? What are you doing out in the community? Are you volunteering to mentor these kids or are you some idiot who says “Sure am glad I moved to the suburbs” or “I need to get out of Memphis.” Thugs will still exist, this may shock folks but crime isn’t barricaded to Memphis city proper.

        Maybe you do live in Memphis, since you are “Midtown Mike” afterall. Maybe you were raised in a healthy family like I was, with two loving parents. Its stupid and thoughtless to think that those who don’t have that advantage, and maybe even neither parent who cares at all about them, is going to have the same opportunities we do. If they don’t have any family/siblings/mentors in their lives, who are they going to turn to? It makes a big difference to show a struggling kid some encouragement and love. I’m not saying do that as a reaction to these kids as if their actions are ok. I’m saying find a way to respond to others in the community who are struggling by using this as a springboard to get involved with a program and work with children to give them something special in their lives. If we care about the community, we’re not sitting around waiting for city gov’t to do all the work, we need to be serving the community ourselves.

  • hkwesson

    Adult crimes get adult time I don’t feel sorry for the ones who did the beating a lot of kids are raised in single parent homes there is no excuse zero toleronce

  • Realism

    might as well beat those thug teens to death and listen to their mothers cry about how we wrongfully harmed them, they were just “playing a game”

  • LAS

    Mark Sauser makes an excellent point: his son will come out of this ok; the perpetrators will not. Just the fact that this victim even HAS a dad at home is huge. How many of the gangster wannabes do you think actually have a father involved in their life in a positive way? And people are crying out that the parents have to make the teens go to school, and make sure they come in at a decent hour. Sadly, many of these teens’ parents (usually the mother) really don’t care where their children are or what they are doing. The ones that do care don’t have any control over their children. This problem is much more complex than people realize. My prayers go out to the victims and the perpetrators ~ may God have mercy on us all and teach us how to live in peace!

    • nightflight2014

      Because the people who spawned these ‘kids’ take no responsibility nor gave any thought to how tough it is to raise kids before deciding to procreate should not not fall to everyone else to take responsibility. Life has consequences and abdicating responsibilities is not allowed. It just makes it someone elses pain. Throwing money at programs and mentors doesn’t help if the child has no moral compass. Even a toddler knows hitting another person is wrong. If these kids are born without the capacity to know right from wrong nor the ability to control their own actions they are too damaged to be helped. Wilderness work camps and boot camps do wonders for problem kids. Many kids of all colors rise above socio-economic hardship. If the homelife is so detrimental that it creates heinous morally-bankrupt people, perhaps society should demand the kids be removed from that environment. Many kids grow up in boarding schools. Perhaps all the money being spent would be better served by putting at risk kids into boarding schools. My kids went to a military boarding school run by nuns. If the drill sargents don’t get proper behavior the sisters will😱.

      • Susan B

        I’d GLADLY give my tax dollars towards that! Clearly the midnight basketball events are doing nothing to stop crime. As it is, our tax dollars pay to bring these children into the world, feed them, educate them and then continue to feed, house and care for them – IN PRISON!! What am I getting for my tax dollar?? NOTHING. What kind of life do these kids have? AWFUL. All because some unwed teenage kids were stupid enough to breed. And the adults in their life could care less…. sickening.

  • Anthony Prather

    A curfew for teens and children that are out at night unsupervised is needed. As a tax payer I am asking that the city council, the mayor and police director make this happen and ASAP!. Time is running out for round table discussions. We need “Action” and not just words.

  • Kim Clay

    I hate all the violence I hear on the news. It’s really sad. I am glad that his son is going to be okay. I pray the other victims are okay too. I personally don’t agree with the fact that where he goes to school should have been shared This w

  • Abraham

    Replace these thugs with immigrants who want to come here and work, build a future, take care of their families and respect life. You know who they are… enough is enough.

  • Ronny Jant

    What about the 2 African American people who were hurt? Where’s the outrage over them? Glad the white guy is OK, but no one mentions the other victims. Typical racists.

    • Cathy

      Gotta keep up, man …. If you would read the news, you would know that the first AA victim was not seriously injured – she was actually trying to help the poor white kid. The second AA victim was a car – yes, a car – belonging to an AA woman who was dropping off her child to participate in the fight! The only racists are the 100+ black kids who decided to beat up two Caucasians for fun. People like you keep crying racism and then you wonder why we stop listening. It’s a powerful accusation – use it wisely and accurately and you might get someone to pay attention to your idiotic claims.

  • Wanda Patton

    It’s praying time ppl, prayer changes things. Although we (adults) need to wake up and pay attention to our children , know where they are, what their doing and who their with, in other words parent them, not let them parent themselves or let the streets parent them because if that be the case, this is what will happen, no direction, guidance, no boundaries.

    • Indian Andy

      While you’re praying Wanda, make sure they’re right there beside you in church with you. Because these kids got off easy. There are plenty of people out there that won’t let them get off so easy. You don’t want to be praying beside their caskets.

  • niecey

    The thug with the gray pants on really needs a good beat down. For me, a young professional black women with a very intelligent, smart, well behaved nephew, this is so embarrassing. Personally, I think someone should have shot them.

    • nightflight2014

      Sadly, kids like your nephew have a tougher time because of kids like these thugs. All young black males get ‘painted with the same brush’ unfortunately at a distance. It is terribly upsetting because these criminals are not the majority of young black men but they are the image that is constantly on view.

  • Joshua

    Don’t understand why it’s not nationwide news make it the other way around and we would the next Ferguson Missouri in Memphis tn. But it’s never about race I call B.S

  • Anders Fire

    Now deceased Ferguson, Mo resident Michael Brown was also referred to as a “thug”. The cop who murdered him, however, was portrayed as a “good cop”. Figures. What these youngsters did was awful- but it is amazing how quickly people want to see them executed- even “shot” according to one comment. Sad.

    • E. Zach Lee-Wright

      It is doubtful that the police officer murdered Mr. Brown. The spin on this story started with Brown’s buddy falsely claiming Brown was running away with his arms in the air when he was shot. Three autopsies (including a private one done for the family) agree that Brown was facing the officer with the fatal shot being the last one which was to the top of his head. It is difficult to watch the video of Brown stealing the cigars a few minutes before and not conclude he was a thug. Rather than rioting I am willing to wait for the justice system to determine if the officer was justified or not.

  • Marc B

    Make no mistake about the fact that this was a black on White attacks. This national trend of Knock Out Gaming and Polar Bear Hunting has been one of the major under-reported news stories of the last five years. It was bound to happen sooner or later here in Memphis, and I’m glad it it receiving a some national coverage.

  • Indian Andy

    He’s right. Some of them aren’t going to come out of this. Because old gun toting men like men aren’t going to take a beating. They’re going to the graveyard. Momma’s y’all better believe that and straighten your kids out.

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