Ravens terminate Ray Rice after video emerges of him punching girlfriend

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Disturbing video of what appears to be Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator has been obtained by TMZ.

Hours later, the Ravens tweeted they had terminated Rice’s contract.

The video is the first look into what happened in the elevator.

Previously, only video of Rice carrying his fiance’s limp body out of an elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. had been released.

But the video from TMZ shows Rice and Janay Palmer enter the elevator and Rice viciously punch her.

She goes down to the floor and is out. According to TMZ, Palmer hit a handrail in the elevator before hitting the floor.

Rice was suspended for two NFL games, but league commissioner Roger Goodell says the league“didn’t get it right” when it handed down Rice’s punishment in July.

Rice faced a felony aggravated assault charge in the case, but he accepted a pretrial intervention program that allowed him to avoid jail time and could lead to the charge being wiped from his record.

Rice and Palmer were married in March, just a month after the elevator incident.


  • hkwesson

    Stupid woman he will do it again and again until you are dead domestic violence should be a felony not a misdemeanorall you people in law enforcement should push for it to be a felony wake up!!!!

  • lola

    What a woman will do for money,dummy,hes goin to really beat your head n a wall now…is it worth it missy? Jus get a job and live….

  • Michelia

    It seems after he punched her out he has little remorse. Looks like everyone else is more concerned for her than he is.

  • LJW

    Ray Rice got what he deserved. After punching her unconscious there was no remorse. He half lifts her out of the elevator but then drops her hard face down half-way out of of the elevator so that her legs hit the metal of the elevator. With his strength he could have picked her up and carried her completely out of the elevator not dropped her face down for her head to semi hit the floor again, and then when he goes to pick up her shoe from inside the elevator he bumps her leg carelessly on the way out of the elevator. No one cared for her at all…not Rice or the hotel staff who allowed her to lie there face down knocked out cold half in and half out of the elevator. Both men should be ashamed of themselves. It was only the female hotel person, or another woman who happened to be going by the showed any compassion to Rice’s fiancé. I am shocked and dismayed that she went on to marry Rice. Not only is Rice a role model to men and should be held to a higher standard, but the fiancé is also a role model to other women. To accept this kind of violence, almost validating it by going on and marrying the man who violently punched her, is not respecting herself and in a subtle way is saying the violence against women is no big deal after all I went on to marry this guy. As a woman I am disappointed in her decision

    • exposingwhitedemons

      You ppl forget the fact she spit on him and slapped him before he touched her and that he previously called the cops on here before for acting up. Should he had punched her? Of course not but as the old folks say if you dobt want to be hit keep your hands to yourself simple as that so stop hiding behind so called womanhood its cheap and degrading to real abuse victims.

  • SWG

    Ray Rice is an insignificant, cowardess little boy, and deserves everything that he gets from this point forward. A real man would never do what he did. If the law didn’t forbid it, he ought to be retried for this crime and judged by a jury of his peers. There isn’t a jury, short of the O.J. Simpson group, that wouldn’t send him to prison for the maximum allowed period of time for what he did. I can’t believe this woman married him after that, go figure. Get some help Lil Ray!

  • DMM

    His “wife” even goes on twitter and writes about how unfair it is that he’s losing everything he’s worked so hard for all his life for nothing. This woman needs some serious help. I hope he doesn’t kill her now that he’s lost his job over this video.

  • sensible2

    I have no sympathy for her now, even if he ends up killing her. What an ignorant b*ch. I also hate that this reinforces the domestic violence that seems so prevalent in the black community.

    • SMH

      EDIT – typo
      Of Course he married her. …. Your spouse CAN’T testify against you. (smh) When will this vicious cycle stop.

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