Stray bullet kills sleeping teenager

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 14-year-old is dead after a stray bullet hit him while he slept in own bed.

Neighbors say it doesn't matter where you live: you can't hide from crime here in Memphis.

Jen Walls lives around the corner from the boy's house on Quince Drive. She says she woke up to the sound of gunshots, and immediately called police.

"Boom boom boom boom. Just like that. Then I thought, oh my god, what now," she said.

Police say a 14-year-old boy was asleep in his bed when one of the bullets hit him. He later died at St. Francis hospital.

"We have a lot of this activity around here. There's always something going on in this neighborhood," Walls said.

Homicide investigators say they have one person in custody, and there's a possible second suspect who knows the family. But as of now, no one has been charged with the killing of an innocent teenage boy.

Walls said her thoughts are with the family who lost their son in this senseless killing. She also said she doesn't let this kind of crime change the way she lives her life.

"I don't worry, you can't worry about those kinds of things," she said.


  • Saddened

    14…asleep in bed at home in what he may have thought was a safe place…This city needs help!!! I cannot fathom (nor do I ever want to) the pain his family is experiencing at this time. I am at an age where I have known for a long time that life and death are synonymous with each other. It is inevitable that ALL of our lives will eventually result in death. But Lord have mercy…14???? Senseless… if I were to shed a tear each time a senseless act of violence occurs in Memphis, such as this one, I would perhaps cry more than anyone in mourning at this time. I cannot deal…

  • Hooligan

    don’t panic…mayor mccheese will have a stop the violence conference with all the other useless do nothing leaders in this city to address the yute violence problem….and then we’ll have another killing and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • nene

    I cant belive lil bro is gone at the age of 14teen mane it don’t seem real prayers goes out to his family and to his big brother rocky hold your head up an stay strong for your family love you

  • WhyIMoved

    I will have to agree with the other guy. Since I moved out of Shelby County crime is something I only see on tv.

  • Ken poi

    Mister so call “Barack” you and your kind are filled with so much hate and bigotry that I don’t find surprising, but to say that this young man was a thug because he was murdered in bed has taken hatred to another level, simply appalling.

      • badinfluence

        AP, sorry it is not the shooters or the blatant ignorance. The most dangerous thang in Memphis is the hundreds of young teen that don’t go to school, smoke reefer, roam in packs, steal from every store that they enter and feed off of any violent act that one of their fellow cronies commit. But then again, they all are shooters and are blatantly ignorant. Do you know why the teen gang bangers hold their pistol sideways when they shoot? .xob eht ni semoc ti woh si tahT (ANSWER WRITTEN BACKWARDS)

    • Saddened

      “Mister so called Barack. and your kind…” What kind of statement is that? Just another form of ignorance that continues to keep this city down…

  • Cathy

    The woman who commented for this story is absolutely wrong – I live around the corner from this, and NO, this does not happen “all the time” – ridiculous. Yes, we have crime like everyone else, but I’ve lived here 20 years and have never once heard of another story even close to this. For the first time, I thought about moving, but I am unwilling to add hours to my commute just to run away from thugs and gangs.

  • :(

    Me and my family (More accurately, me and my sibling) actually heard the gunshots when this happened. The duplex house is at the entrance to our neighborhood, literally just a few houses down. (It’s the area By lichterman and the old seesel’s/shackleford’s florist). We always go past it every single day, and I never thought something like this would happen so close to home. I can’t even begin to imagine how devastating it must be for the family involved losing their child in such a way.
    In the past few years gunshots around 1-3 AM have been a regular occurrence every few days, so we thought nothing of hearing the shots other than “Memphis after dark…sigh” until we heard someone actually got hit. Memphis crime is out of control lately… We’ve lived in this house for 18+ years and seen it become more and more frequent Stay safe everyone.

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