Grandmother reaches out to police after brutal Kroger attack

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 15-year-old is behind bars and a least three others are being questioned in connection with a brutal beating outside an east Memphis Kroger.

The video of the attack went viral, and police arrested a teen.

He faces a number of charges, including aggravated assault.

WREG spoke with a mother and grandmother who said their teen was brought in for questioning.

The grandmother, who doesn’t want to reveal her name, called police Monday morning after learning about the attack on TV.

She told them  her grandson was there when a mob of teens became violent.

She said police picked up her 15-year-old grandson and brought him in for questioning Monday morning.

“I know that my grandson was down there.  Went to Cici’s and saw on the news where they telling the parents to call if they know anybody that was down there, so that’s why I called because I want him to do the right thing,” she said.

Police say the mob attacked at least three people, including two teenagers who work at the grocery store.

Investigators say the suspects continued kicking the victims until they were unconscious.

The teens told police pumpkins were even thrown at their heads.

The mother of the 15-year-old, who also doesn’t want reveal her name, said detectives came to her home Sunday looking for her son,  but he wasn’t there.

“I told them when he do come I would call them so they could pick him up because they didn’t want him to run, which he would have run,” she said.

She said her son has anger management problems and is currently suspended from Douglass High School.

She isn’t sure if he’s involved in the attack.

“I hope not.  I can’t say he did and I can’t say he didn’t.  I’m just praying that he didn’t,” she stated.

The mother and grandmother want parents of others involved in this attack to encourage their teens to make the right choice.

“I want him to tell the truth and I want him to tell whoever was involved to come forward,” said the mother.


  • Liz

    I do believe these kids fear no consequences because they KNOW’ they are juveniles and nothing is going to happen to them. We need to make examples out of them that commit these crimes that adults would go to jail for. they need to be sent to REAL” bootcamps and make some real men out of them. I mean get in their face just like a drill sarg does.they need to have the same sentance as an adult would get for the crime but in this SCRICT bootcamp…..fully secured with barbed wire and gaurds……

  • Marie Allison


  • Mary Jo

    Its always a black and white issue in Memphis. It doesn’t matter if its a fight, or a city counsel or county commission meeting or something dealing with schools. Being black or white will influence one’s view of any situation,or enhance one’s perceception of inequality whether one is black or white. I know its hard but people have to dig deep inside to judge any situation on its own merit. Sad to say, racism is so deep in this town, that to rise above the tendency to put one’s race first is a miracle within itself.

  • Venisha Jackson

    I applaud the Grandmother for making the child accept responsibility for his actions. But I’m concerned with Mayor Wharton’s actions. So the Mayor wants to hold the parents responsible huh? Oh now would that be the same parents that people call DCS on if you whoop/discipline your child? Problem is they have given kids too many rights and now the kids aren’t scared of anyone. Parents can’t whoop their own kids. They removed corporal punishment now the kids are whooping the teachers. And after this Mike Brown stuff, if the police even look at you wrong they start yelling injustice. So why don’t the government hold themselves responsible too. It’s not just the parents fault.

    • Mike

      Thank you, your correct thjs also the laws & lawers fault also. The thug that was kicking the young man in the head while he & hit in head nothing will happen because of the LAW

  • LaShoona Tinner

    People kill me. Society tells you not to disclipine your child when you do you are going to jail. When you don’t the first thing said where is the parents? It is not about black and white.It is about raising these kids correctly. Everything is about race. White kids do it to .They bully kids jump on them it is not all over the news . So quit acting like white kids are better than black kids it is all about the homefront!!

  • Kyle Broflovski

    I think that these teens are going to get off easy with a lenient sentence, but there should be some fine leveed to the parents that raised these hooligans. Having their child go to jail or juvenile won’t make as much an impact as taking their hard earned welfare cheques out of their pockets.

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