Man arrested for murdering transgender woman

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A suspect was arrested for murdering transgender woman Alejandra Leos Sunday afternoon.

21-year-old Marshall Pegues was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for killing 41-year-old Alejandra Leos Friday night on Berkshire Avenue.

Police report showed WREG that Alejandra had an argument with Marshall Pegues at their home prior to Pegues shooting her in the back.

Police identified Leos as a man, but family members said she lived life as a woman.

A family friend told WREG that a funeral is planned for Leos on Wednesday.


  • Raquel

    Terrible shame R.I.P and to both of the other freaks on here that left the first to comments I bet both of you too like sleeping with transgendered woman that’s why you felt the need to read the story and comment!!!!,

  • Amanda

    No where in this article does it say that he killed her because she was transgender. It says they got in to an argument at THEIR home. Hmmm. Seems like a lovers quarrel to me. This has nothig to do with the lifestyle she led. So stop throwing that in to the mix.

    • Christen Bustani

      Thank You for that breath of sense and reason Amanda. Too quickly others are ready to assume they know the facts before they do and to stereotype certain races and ethnicities as well as people who live their life as they see fit as being the cause of their troubles. Knowing the facts helps to remove stereotyping and prejudice…. two things this world could use a lot less of….even in this day and age of supposed civilization.

  • brenda earnest

    they were in a relationship. they got in an argument and he shot her. I actually new him through a friend when I lived in that neighborhood. he didn’t seem that type of person and he has a mental disorder. not taking up for him no matter what happened between him and his gf it didn’t give marshal the right to kill her

  • Claire Bow

    I want to say thank you to WREG’s on air staff and producers for respecting Ms. Leos’ gender in your coverage. Far too often media outlets get it wrong, mis-gendering our sisters in death but you got it right and have my respect and gratitude for that courtesy.

  • chelle

    She was a lovely person whom always respect everyone the most honest person you’ll ever met…. He always told people he was a man do trust in believe he knew……I miss him already rest in peace my dear friend…

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