Transgender woman murdered in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A transgender woman was murdered just steps away from her home in north Memphis Friday night.

Alejandra Leos was shot in the 1600 block of Berkshire.

Flowers, candles, and memories are the only things left to remember Leos, Irma Caballerro told WREG.

Caballerro is Leos' mother, and only speaks Spanish. Melisa Smith, a family friend, translated what Caballerro said about her daughter.

"She doesn't have any words right now. She's still in shock, and we're all still in shock," Smith said.

Police identified Leos as a man, but family members said she lived life as a woman.

"He was a human being," Smith said.

Police are still working to determine who shot Leos, but a spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department will not reveal if the shooting was a possible hate crime.

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Family members believe someone was harassing Leos and killed her.

It was a sad day for someone they said was so kind and giving.

"You don't have a jacket? I'll give it to you.  It was to the point where if you didn't have no place to sleep he would help you. Here come and lay on my couch. Don't worry. Don't worry. You can stay here," Smith said.

Even in the darkest hour for family and friends, they remembered the moments Leos lit up their lives.

"Alejandro would say, 'If you don't know Alejandra, then you don't know Memphis,'" Smith said with a laugh.

Leos' life was taken away on the very streets she loved. All that's left in the place where she died are the flowers, the candles, and the memories.

Police report the killing is an ongoing investigation.

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Smith told WREG a funeral is planned for Leos on Wednesday between 5 and 8 p.m. at Hickory Hill Funeral Home.

Family members ask those who would like to help with funeral expenses to contact the funeral home directly.


  • Hooligan

    maybe the dumb A S S mayor should make these stupid meetings about youth violence mandatory for the feral b astard children that are wrecking havoc on the civil society…..cant’ ride a bike in this town w/o being killed…..Wharton needs to resign

    • liza

      the problem is not how you dress, you’re a man or woman, the problem is you can not go out quietly without being mugged or worse killed

    • Tammy Rainey (@Tammy_Beth)

      Is it too much to ask for you to respect the dead? Just like the so-called “friend” mentioned in the article: you know full well that this person found her happiness in living our lives as a female and we can respect her enough upon the occasion of her violent death to at least acknowledge her in the way that she chose and preferred? There was a time when people had respect for the dead

  • Thomas H. Evans

    When they left the meeting the other night on teen violence, somebody remembered they forgot the other thugs out there. Our Mayor is a joke along with the City Council, Police Director, and all those Ministers doing little or no work in their communities (but don’t forget to pass the plate).

  • Brandi

    I use to work with her at Johnny Rockets, she was the nicest person. These murders are getting out of control. Too many lives are being destroyed!

  • Richard Rod

    On Forbe s list of the 10th most dangerous c ities to live Memphi s is number 4th, just under Det roit , St Louis a nd Oakland. We are all Alejandra Leos, we all risk our own lives daily just with the fact of live on Memphis we don’t even need get out of home, at any moment someone can get in and kill us, and for the police we gonna be another case and to the government another number on the statistics.

  • Tammy Rainey (@Tammy_Beth)

    heartbreaking that this keeps happening, and disappointing that the friend could not even respect her identity in death, but major props to WREG staff for perfectly using the proper nouns and terminology. This is a textbook example of the right way to report a story like this.

  • Allie

    How disgusting is it that people who are supposed to love all, carry such hate. It is obvious this woman was transgender and identifies herself as a woman. Why is it that her death is acceptable because of that? Because of who she was she deserves this? Nobody deserves to die because of who they are. This is supposed to be America, the melting pot, not Nazi Germany where people got extinguished. The constitution is not buffet, you can’t pick and choose. In the end a life was lost, hopefully it wasn’t because she was transgender.

  • Bob

    Another hate crime in Memphis and what do hear from our so called city leaders…”crickets chirping”. Time to clean house at city hall. No representation for the people of Memphis there.

  • Peren

    oh tammy,you are so need to hide it guys,we hate transgender and we have the right to hate them just like you hate us for hating them.period.

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