Employees complain about new Walmart dress code

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BENTONVILLE, Ark. — The blue vest is returning to Walmart along with a new dress code.

Currently, employees wear khaki pants with a blue shirt and a name tag.

The new dress code includes a company provided blue vest with name tag.

Employees are to wear navy or white collared shirt, black or khaki pants and close-toed shoes.



Some Walmart employees took to Reddit to give their thoughts on the dress code.

One person wrote, “I actually prefer the new dress code. Collared shirts look better and we’ll be allowed to wear black pants instead of khaki. I hate khaki.

Another employee was not as supportive, “Our registers and other equipment are slow and unreliable. I do not see how bringing back the vests as if we were living in 1994 will change anything. There are real problems to solve in our stores.”

Employee may buy the needed clothes anywhere or at Walmart with their employee discount.

Many Walmart employees are reportedly complaining about having to buy new shirts saying they don’t have the extra money.

Other people however, say many companies require employees purchase their uniforms, “Ultimately, most companies require people to purchase their own uniforms. It’s kind of standard in most places. Sometimes they will give you a free shirt but not usually. In my line of work, I have to purchase ugly scrubs with no reimbursement. Caribbean blue? No one will ever wear those again outside of the company.”


  • Reality Check

    Most employees prefer to wear normal clothes so they can blend in with the customers so they are not bothered with any customers asking them any questions.

  • Sarah Jane

    It isn’t about whining or complaining… Walmart customers come in wearing pajamas and that is fine because they feel they can because it is our duty to make them feel comfortable and like family. When an individual throws on some sweat pants and a shirt and head towards a dinner location they never think to head towards Ruby Tuesdays or Red Lobster or a place where the servers are well dressed because they feel too under dressed. The same goes for the employee/customer attire, why would someone feel comfortable rolling out of bed and coming to get groceries when you feel your cashier is going to look at you differently… If they are so “customer oriented” then maybe they should think about the customers as a whole not as an individual group that they would rather see shop there…

  • Maria

    Even though we weren’t *required* to wear collared shirts when I worked there (2008-2011), I still did so just to look professional. Most employees look so sloppy now, it’s embarrassing! I’m glad they are going back to a more uniform dress code.

  • Tiffany

    I actually work at Wal-Mart and while I enjoy being able to wear black pants they do not pay enough to go buy a new set of work clothes. black dress pants, khakis, and collard shirts are expensive!! Wal-Mart already under pays employees. I make 7.45 hr. Wal-Mart employees ALONE consume over 300 million in government assistance each year. Wal-Mart keeps its employees in poverty, but now requires us to use the little money we slave for to buy new clothes. Raising all employees pay to $12.10 would only cost a customer one penny more for an item of $16 value. A penny to get thousands of employees and families out of poverty. Those numbers are if Wal-Mart chose to push the cost directly to customers, which they do not have to do. People look at Wal-Mart at a wonderful company to work for but the ugly truth is they don’t care about us. They work us to the bone and NEVER give overtime. (in fact if you are supposed to get 20 hours for the week and you clock 21 they will threaten to write you up, now imagine what would happen if you went over 40 hours.. They would probably fire you.) I wish people would speak up! This is some greedy bs. We do what they ask but they keep us WAY under the poverty line. And for those of you saying to work there longer and get raises, they give one raise a year of either 20 40 or 60 cents. the average raise is 45 cents. So you do the math and see how many years it would take me to reach $10.

    • Child of God

      If people would stick together things would get better walmart is billion dollar company they employee should not be getting paid under 10 dollars the cost of living is so high you have to work three jobs just to pay bills. This is a shameful world we live in and people can get on T.V. saying donate money to other countries we have people in the U.S. that is homeless no job no food.

    • MG

      yeah I work there too, they work us under staffed……and to get the goods out by the end of our shift we have to work the hours that they are short(in our shift)……….but no over time!!………OH and your soooo right no overtime whatsoever, you have to cut time such as come in late by the end of the week…….then that just throws everything off that day, no win, win at Walmart……….our store gives out .40 a year and that ain’t no raise if you ask me, it’s a yearly cost of living raise………..oh I love my job, not!!!

      • The employee

        Walmart is not a bad place to work. It has allowed me the flexability to raise my children. I will never be rich but I make a decent and fair wage. The benefits are much better than average. The dress code is not horrible , yes it was an unexpected expense but we were offered affordable options we all have pants already, and two or three shirts for $5 each won’t break me. I think the vests are a good theory but I fear the execution as the only people I have seen wearing them are smaller than average. All around I think the change was a sound business decision and one that’s not likely to change. So why complain about it.

  • Rae Rae

    I understand what you are saying, but if you think of another way that makes Walmart not a bad …Lol! My brother works for Sears fixing refrigerators in a customers home. His work clothing daily is a specific blue button down shirt and black work pants that have to be ironed or pressed for him to wear to work. Then he’ll pull out the customers fridge and well how long has it been since you swept or mopped behind your refrigerator.

  • Theresa Barker

    I work in grocery claims and wearing black or khaki pants is ridiculous! !
    Skirts is crazy. What is wrong with jeans. I deal with nasty items and I don’t go out on the floor. Vest is good.

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