Man arrested for rash of burglaries in East Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  "We just moved in here three months ago and we're kind of like 'great somebody's already getting yanked out of their house'," Alex Teed said.

Roderick Leake was snatched out of his home in handcuffs on Friday and charged with burglary.

"The other morning, I think it was Thursday morning, that a bunch of unmarked Shelby County Sheriff's vehicles just kind of swung into the cove and walked in the house and they all had tact gear on.  So it looked. I guess it was kind of intense.  I don't know," Teed explained.

Leake is accused of stealing just about anything lying in the yards of people's homes.

Deputies said Leake is the man shown in a video obtained by WREG.

Cameras captured a man loading up an entire set of patio furniture and taking off in a red pickup truck.

"You're trying to think of who it is," Mary Gagliano said.

Neighbors racked their brains for weeks to figure out who took their things from their yards.

"A little nervous. You look before you leap around here now," Gagliano explained.  "You don't, you know, just talk to people."

Saturday, many who live in the Shady Grove area found out an arrest was made.

"Terrific. Good Job. Really," Gagliano exclaimed.

Leake was released from jail on Saturday.

WREG went to Leake's home in Cordova to get his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

"You never know I guess. You never know who you're living next door," Teed said.

A crime check on the area where deputies said Leake stole from homes revealed more than 30 homes were burglarized in the last month.

"We have a meeting so we'll, we'll see what happens," Gagliano said.

Leake is expected in court on Tuesday.


  • le

    So he got a fence around 1618 Marie Rd, all the while taking from others. I wonder if he is the one that ripped me off real good and took all he could, bench, chairs, ceramic torch, lawn mower, hedge clipper and more. So now he is back on the streets after being baled out by his woman I imagine. He is a dangerous man to come into someone’s yard.

    • le

      I called the Detective Tate at the Crump station about this man’s arrest and to see if my stolen properties were found at this person’s home. The detective did not know about this man’s arrest. Just what do the police department be doing? Do they just collect the data and that is it and do they communicate with the victims about located property? He told me that I need to speak with Detective England who will be out for 4 days.

    • Al-bi-no

      I don’t think I have ever seen one intelligent post from you. You, and those like you, are doing a great job helping thug life drag down Memphis.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Ignorance (the last three posters) is the cause of things happening in all of our communities. Rather than looking out for each other, yes, be nosy, you go around creating your own stupid language to post on here. This is serious business, and the more we look out for each other the better. Get a real life!

      • The Real World

        Don’t count on it remaining all white, but that doesn’t mean it won’t remain safe. My neighborhood has been diverse for years and it is still safe, quiet and comfortable.

  • Tiger Fan

    And people wonder why neighborhoods change when they move in! Its funny you can drive through any neighborhood and pick out where “they” live.

    • Al-bi-no

      I have seen plenty of bad neighborhoods where ‘they’ don’t live, and good neighborhoods where ‘they’ do. Class doesn’t come with color. There are plenty of you who post on this site who prove that.

  • Gary

    I see a guy walking by almost every day with his britches hanging low like that ,he looks so pitiful I feel sorry for him and his ignorance . Someone needs to take a picture of him from behind and show it to him he would see just how pitiful he looks.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      Really, you are going to take a picture of him from behind and then show it to him; I guess you have a death wish. Take a picture of him from the front so that you can give it to the police for future crimes in your area. You think this guy doesn’t already know what he looks like from the back.

  • Disrespect deserves disrespect

    “They” huh? That’s funny, but hey you “people” are “they to us too! By the way, his wife is white. LOL

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