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Man who saved crash victim says others just watched

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Glenn Williams was driving on I-55 Thursday night when he saw flames eating away at a car, and a man trapped inside. He rushed down to help.

“I was scared, to tell you truth, you see the movies, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know gas and fire wasn't a good mixture,” Williams said.

“The door wouldn't open and the man behind the wheel stuck,” he added.

He and the driver of the other car in the accident both worked to free the man. The other driver’s car went airborne, but he still came out and helped Williams try to free the man from the burning car.

“I couldn't have pulled him out by myself he was too heavy, too big," Williams said.

The next day, he went to the Regional Medical Center, trying to visit the man who's life he helped save. He says it's what we all should do, but sadly Thursday night, no one else did.

“It was a whole bunch of cars on side of the road,” he said. “No one was doing anything, but they were a whole lot of people watching .”


  • Steph

    Jakrabt- They wouldn’t just watch you burn but take pictures & film it. It’s truly sad what we have become in this day and age that someone would rather stand by filming a tragedy to put on YouTube rather than help someone.

  • kay

    Mr. Glenn Williams, you are a hero, thank you for helping this person, this is a sad day when others wont stop to help in a situation such as this, they were to busy to get to the bars, home to make dinner, see their girl friend, who knows what to help you save this person. The person was so forunate you drove by and STOPPED. You will be rewarded for this kind act. Again, Thanks for stopping and helping.

  • therearenoherosinsouthmemphis

    Great effort, Glenn, … very noble act. To the rest of you schmucks who just watched, … it may be you in a burning car someday.

  • Just Joe

    I was walking down the street in Nashville last year with a friend. We were walking down the street near Vanderbilt when we came up on a crowd of people surrounding an older lady. She was laying on the ground and was out cold. My buddy is a first responder and he immediately started helping the lady and actually performed CPR. He was able to get the lady to wake up after a little while and stayed there with her until the paramedics and police arrived. When the paramedics got there they and all the bystanders applauded and cheered his efforts to save the women as did I. Then the police pulled him to the side and asked for his ID. Being the humble person that he is, he told them that he didn’t want to be identified and that he was just trying to help. They told him that they had to have his information in case she sustained any injuries from his efforts. He asked what that had to do with anything if he helped save her life???? They explained that if he actually injured her, the he would be responsible and liable….. A man helps a person in need and it costs him???? Why help then?

  • hugh jazzol

    probably because they been tricked by Hollywood into thinking all cars explode after a wreck, ive been in emergency services for over 35 years and i have never see one explode

  • Cathy Moffitt

    Glenn Williams
    I am so proud of you! God uses extraordinary people as angels. Thank God for your unselfish act of courage and love for the people of God.
    Your sister in Texas,

      • Cathy Moffitt

        I used the word “angels” as a metaphor and not in literal terminology. I do not hear voices and no one has ever told me to burn anything. I was simply referring to Glenn’s act of kindness towards a dangerous situation in which he chose to respond to in an unselfish manner.
        Arlington. TX

  • Ken poi

    Excuse me Don but only people from Memphis drive the roads of I-55 ? the last time I check most of the tag numbers on the cars said Mississippi going both ways, quit watching false news network

    • Donaknowsitall

      Ken, does it really matter WHO drives on I-55? It’s people either way.. We’ve all seen stuff like this. For example, we will e driving down the street and we see an accident, we slow down or stop and look but how many of us will actually GET OUT of our vehciles to render assistance. Probably not many.

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