Shelby County Schools aims to build stronger relationships with students and teachers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The superintendent of Shelby County Schools says changes are coming to the district.

Dorsey Hopson says the changes make it easier for district leaders to build stronger relationships with students and teachers.

He’s replacing regional offices with three assistant superintendents.

Hopson said the idea behind this is for school district leaders to break away from the central office and get into the schools.

He also said each assistant superintendent is responsible for making sure schools have the support they need.

"My vision for the central office, anybody from an academic department, you need to be in schools supporting teachers, supporting principals, supporting school based person to help them go through the practices so we can get better student results,” he said.

So far, two assistant superintendents have been named. Hopson says WestHaven Elementary principal Dr. Angela Whitelaw and former Evans Elementary Principal Alexander-Mitchell are good fits.

“Longtime educators, principals. They have a wealth of academic knowledge,” he said.

The third person has not been named.

“We think the way the structure is done now, we have a much better chance to touch more schools to be in more schools more often,” Hopson said.

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