Keystone Elementary teacher accused of hitting student

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A teacher in North Memphis is accused of hitting a student.

Students told WREG the Keystone Elementary teacher may have used a ruler and hit the student on the hand.

"I've heard of good things at Keystone, but never anything like that," parent Shay Wilkins said. "They should just leave that up to the parent if a child is being disobedient. I don't think a teacher should touch a child."

Shelby County Schools gave WREG the following statement:

"Any reports involving the safety of our students are taken very seriously. The teacher involved in these allegations has been suspended with pay while the matter is investigated."

"I feel like they should have made us aware of what was going on," Wilkins said.

Wilkins and other parents we talked to said the school is keeping them in the dark, and the front office won't even tell them who the teacher is.

"I'm scared for my nephews to go there," said Blair Newborn.

Parents hope the district figures out what happened soon.

"I don't think she should be teaching if she's going to be abusive to children. That goes against some type of rule or policy I'm pretty sure," said Wilkins.

WREG is told a police report has yet to be filed.


  • Harold

    “They should just leave that up to the parent if a child is being disobedient. I don’t think a teacher should touch a child.”
    That thinking is the reason students today do not respect teachers or other authority figures.

  • Zonian58

    When I was a kid ruler on the hand was common if you misbehaved….and if you went home and told chances were you were going to be punished again……

  • dennis bratton

    I had lincoln logs busted over my head when i was that young for not paying attention. I have even been slapped by rulers too. It has made me a better person all the discipline I received while in school. That is what is wrong with today’s kids. No discipline at home and in the schools. Makes me sick when I hear stories like this.

  • RonSwanson

    Unfortunately, we are raising a nation of cry babies. When I went through school, you were paddled, disciplined, and then you got it when you went home. It’s my generation who are raising children like this and it’s my generation that are the cry babies. If your kids respected authority, it’s because you taught them, if they don’t, you are the one to blame. If your child disrupts an atmosphere of learning, your child should be punished. Their bad behavior should not hinder the learning of my child, who is there to learn

  • ron

    I’m with the teacher. You can’t send a kid home every time they act up. The kid has to learn there are consequences to their behavior.

  • MOM

    Define “authority”. You know, the guy in Southaven in jail for molesting a child was also a pastor. Respect is earned, not automatic because of a title.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      “MOM” if you need authority defined to you then you are apparently one of those parents who have no discipline at home. So it’s okay for a child to hit a teacher, but you cry babies come out of the wood works when a teacher returns the favor. You (parents) already know your kids are bad when they leave the house, that’s why you want them out of the house. Get over it, those of us who came up with getting a ruler on the knuckles, paddle on the butt from out teachers if we were disrupting the classroom, and yes, another butt kicking when we got home if our parents found out about it. You can’t be your child’s “Friend” before you are your child’s “Parent.”

    • Donaknowsitall

      I’ll bet you don’t respect police officers either, do you? Do you teach your children to respect their teachers and police officers? Probably not since you don’t.

      • MOM

        I teach my children to respect the law, to abide by rules and that respect is earned. They have excellent reputations with every teacher and person they’ve encountered. I have strongly emphasized, throughout their lives, that there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing and we all hear about it every single day. All-in-all, I’ve taught them to use their God-given brains and judgement.

  • Donaknowsitall

    Some are local schools who do have corporal punishments rules – it’s in the handbook the students bring home at the beginning of the school year and both the student and parent(s) have to sign it.
    My child’s school does this and every year my child and I read it and sign it. Basically what it says is that the school has the right to punish my child (spank/time out/ruler to the hand or bottom,etc), there are two blocks on this form a YES I (the parent/guardian) will allow it or NO (the parent/guardian) will not allow it. It also says that the child will come home with a note explaining what happened and why. The parent/guardian marks the block that they want YES or NO sign it and turn it back into the school.
    I agree will several posters here about cry babies, children and parents alike.
    If my child has done something wrong in school, the school does have the right to carry out the appropriate punishment.
    I don’t have to discipline my children too much anymore becasue they know the rules. I ususally just have to look at them with “the look” and they get it.

  • 122811

    Did the child die? Did the child have to be medically treated? I respect teachers because I wouldn’t dare do their job……just like the 12 year old who slapped his teacher because I live by the wish creed and I wish a child would slapped me or be disrespectful towards me I would kick they tail especially a child of age.

  • Pam

    The teacher has to be able to discipline the unruly crotchspawn in the classroom because parents won’t do it at home. Mom is busy working 3 jobs trying to pay for all 5 of her kids and “Dad” is off in another city making more kids with some other woman. The teacher must be able to enforce the rules.

    • TigerFan

      The mom working 3 jobs to provide for her family is in the minority. In reality, you and I are working to provide for them while Mom is probably at home on her back collecting her check…..

  • TigerFan

    Hit on the hand with a ruler…? Seriously?
    And there is outrage? Ridiculous. That was what we received as a warning before we got sent to the principal’s office when I was in elementary school. Stop being such a bunch of nancy pants.

  • sarabee

    I’ll bet that “abuse” is quite a stretch. I hope the other students in the class will be truthful about what really happened. I feel bad for the teacher. My teachers never needed to hit me because my parents whooped my a$$ and I’ll be the first to tell you that when it did happen- it wasn’t in excess and I had it coming.

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