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Southaven man charged with child sexual abuse

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Police in Southaven have charged a man with inappropriately touching a child in his home.

Richard Dewayne Marsee is currently in the DeSoto County jail.

Marsee wouldn’t talk, but it was a different story at his home.

”Nothing happened! And the lawyer told us to say no comment," someone at the home said.

The woman wouldn’t identify herself and threatened to call the cops on us, but she claimed nobody ever molested a child at the home daycare in a nicely-manicured Southaven subdivision.

But Southaven police say different.

An affidavit says the abuse could date back to December of 2012.

Officers arrested Marsee on charges of child sexual abuse based on a complaint from Mississippi’s Department of Human Services.

”We started investigating as of this week [with] our detectives [working] with DHS and the District Attorney’s office. As a result of that investigation we made the arrest of Mr. Marsee for one count of felony touching, fondling or handling of a minor child,” said Southaven Police Chief Tom Long, who added DHS removed two children from the house.

Now his detectives want to talk to anyone who ever dropped a child off at the Marsee house.

”We’re trying to get as much information, talk to as many parents that might have had children in that location and anyone who might know about that particular situation,” said Long.

Chief Long says Marsee didn't have a Southaven business license, so it was apparently an unlicensed daycare.

Parents picking up their children at the home say they were shocked to learn about the charges. One said she had no idea of anything wrong at the Marsee home.



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  • Janice Johnson

    How sad. This is a very sad situation. And I didn’t expose anything that isn’t known by many already. No, I didn’t know that anything was amiss because I live 8 hours away from the girls in Tennessee. Several years ago their Dad took them to Miss. and we had not gotten to see them since then. Had I had any clue that something like that was going on I would have done something to get help. I’m sorry that this man is so bitter but that’s just his problem. I am not a racist. I am a Christian and I love all people no matter what color they are. My belief is that there are good in all races and bad in all races. I don’t pass judgement on anyone for anything regardless of their skin color. That is God alones job, not ours. I just hope there is healing for my Granddaughter after this is all over. This story in the news is not about racism. It is about the wrong done to two litlle girls. So may be the people out there that are capable of seeing that will pray for them and I will pray for all of those that aren’t.

    • Janice Johnson

      I appreciate your much kinder words sir. My daughter didn’t know. She lives here in Tennessee also. He was remarried and he and his second wife took the girls and left. They didn’t let anyone know they were even going. She didn’t have money for a lawyer. She is going to Miss. to try to bring the girls back with her. I just pray it all works out well. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my Granddaughter and I’ll be praying for you. God be with you. :-)

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