Pothole problems, repairs continue over summer

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis drivers are continuing to deal with potholes this summer, even though it's a slower season for the  city.

"My experience being a driver in Memphis is terrible," said Lea O'Hara.

O'Hara said potholes have created problems for her car over the years.

The city's Public Works Department said just like any other time, there are four crews working on nothing but filling potholes.

However, the city said the summer is only half as bad as the winter.

That's because asphalt and repair materials cannot be made or distributed when the ground is too cold.

Some cities tend to get busier with pothole repairs in the summer, because the materials are more cooperative in warm weather.

The city said it sometimes requires extra crews to repair potholes in the spring, but by summer, the city has caught up.

Public Works employees report fixing about 3,000 potholes in July, and around the same number in June.

"Our goal is to minimize that, you know, to improve the ride quality as best we can," said Robert Knecht with Public Works.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Your “Pot Hole” problems will not be addressed until next year, Election time. This will be everybody’s top priority next year when they run for Mayor. Also included in their promises will be the on going problem of Blight (how is that working for you Mr. Mayor). I will be running on the platform that if you vote for me I will guarantee you a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge; why not, you fall for everything else when these people are running. In the mean time get use to those patched up pot holes.

  • Don

    The city’s Public Works Department said just like any other time, there are four crews working on nothing but filling potholes.
    Yeah, each crew throws a few shovels half full of asphalt at a pothole a day and hide the rest of the day.

  • takenobull

    Look on the bright side. You poor taxpayers have a 40 million dollar Beale Street landing and a Auto Zone Park ball field that few workers can afford to go to. And we also have the nicest Bait shop in the nation with the Pyramid Bass pro that the taxpayer paid millions for. We also have multi million dollar civic centers in neighbor hoods for folks to play checkers and shoot basket ball if you can get over the potholes in route. We also send city judges on Vacations called seminars all over the nation. The mayor is said to have 400 appointed salary positions for his pals. I wish I could think of more but you get the pattern. In the old days city leaders took care of the basics first. Now its spend more money and then tax more for things that serve the few who can afford such things as ball games.

  • Lee

    Don, my observation is the same as yours. My question is, how do you build speed bumps on streets with so many pot holes there would be no speed anyhow? That asphalt would fill a lot of holes on my street ,as deep as six inches. I cannot wait to vote my displeasure at this administrations lack of action where action is called for!!!

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