Gang member sentenced to 52 years for attacking teens

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Carlos Gonzalez

BARTLETT, Tenn. — A Bartlett man has been sentenced to 52 years in prison for killing one teenager and shooting at others.

Prosecutors say Carlos Gonzalez, a member of the Playboy Surenos 13 street gang jumped out of a car and started shooting at a group of teenagers in August of 2011.

Miguel Villa, 17, was shot and killed.

Villa’s brother said a group of men started attacking them with a bat, pipe and their fists after mistaking them for members of rival a gang.

The attack happened in a restaurant parking lot near Ridgeway and Winchester.

At least 11 shots were fired during the attack.

Gonzalez was sentenced to 20 years in prison with no parole for second-degree murder, 20 years for three counts of attempted second-degree murder and 12 years in prison for three counts of employing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.



  • Gary

    These Latino gangs ever get a strong foothold in Memphis there won’t be any black gangs any more they run them all out of town.

    • palefacedevilchildernstink

      Gary you are really sily latinos despise you whites as well….remember you stole the native land. Carlos and jose will flood your ppl with that white powder and i can’t wait and they already have a strong presence there is no conflict so dream on deluded fool

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad this type of sentence is an exception instead of the norm. Most thugs expect the revolving door of justice.

  • Kevin

    somebody need to start shooting, stabbing and killing off some these racist rednecks that post here daily. You people always miss your targets. Start off with that Kay fool … Every day this idoit has a racist comment to post and i bet when the coward is out in public his/her mouth is shut and eyes straight ahead. I can’t stand a coward ….

  • fyi

    Fyi hes is a u.s. citizen by birth this case just proves that if three ppl get together and leave important facts out like that miguel villa was a gangmember that he was driving around lookin for trouble with a 38 revolver that him and his brothers started the conflict.pulled out pepper spray, belt buckles, and shot at carlos gonzales with a 38 revolver but he couldnt prove it because he had three of miguels family members lying against him I just want the world to know the truth miguel villa was a gangbanger, murderer, thief and if he wouldnt of got killed that night it would have been carlos no one deserves to die and no deserves to be manipulated by this court system that is so called justice if anyone can help plz I just want the world to know the truth one way or another do not believe what the media tells you they just want ratings im thankful that carlos is at least alive you all have no idea

    • ruben

      Why are you lying? Were you there that night? Miguel was a minor that weekend was his last weekend in Memphis the following tuesday his family and him were going to move back to California. Miguel had no gun that day he never had owned a gun. A gun powder test was done on him a there was no gun powder to be found

  • Rude Druid

    At least 3/4 of Hispanics in the US are US citizens. Some of you just don’t like to hear Spanish spoken. Spanish is the first language spoken at home for 15% of the US population.

    I speak Spanish fluently, and get dirty looks for it sometimes. Then I change instantly to English, whenever possible, and those people’s eyes go REALLY big.

    There is racism against Hispanics, by Blacks and Whites alike, fueled by Republican/Tea Party rhetoric..

    Y’all assume that anyone with a Hispanic surname is here illegally. GIVE ME A BREAKI!

    Most of you don’t speak Standard English, because that’s not the native pidgin language of our local Third World backwoods within America.

  • Donaknowsitall

    WOW! I make a comment about the possibility that this guy may not be an llegal immigrant and I get slammed. Geez!
    And by the way, my name is Dona not Don, female not male.

  • fyi

    His hands were covered in blood which covers up or removes any gun powder .u believe what u want and even his family knows what really happened that night!!!

    • ruben

      Theres video to prove miguel nor his friends had a gun so you believe what you want you were not there that night nor did you see the evidence so you have no say so !!

  • EEG

    yes his family does know exactly what happened and that miguel was also a gangmember!!!! i mean im not saying that what carlos did was right but if it werent miguel that died that night it wouldve been carlos!! honestly i have no idea why he got sentence was so insane!!! miguel had a ton of pictures on social media proving that he was a gangmember and a proud one too!! this just proves how messed up the justice system is in our country!! its sad to see a member of my family getting punished for defending himself!!! there is a God who knows that carlos does not deserves this and all the people that lied during his trial will pay one way or another!! no one leaves this planet without paying for their sins!!! yall just remember that!!

    • ruben

      There was a video to prove it why do you think he was charged so many years? If carlos wouldn’t have pulled out a gun no one would have died. What do you mean defending himself while the rest of carlos gang were jumping miguel and his friends carlos was standing by his car watching carlos was on drugs carlos had no reason to jump in when it was miguel getting jumped. Miguel nor his friends had any type of weapon and miguel was shot in the back while running tell me how that was self-defense?

  • ruben

    Pay for what? Don’t you think they had enough losing a loved one? You are sick in the head no one is going to pay for anything Carlos is grown he knew what he was doing when he decided to pull a gun out. Carlos killed him thats the truth theres proof now he is paying for what he has done.

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