FBI called in to investigate beating of white men outside restaurant

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WEST POINT, Miss. –The police chief of West Point, Mississippi has asked the FBI to investigate the beating of two white men by a crowd of black men outside a restaurant.

Ralph Weems and David Knighten were beaten outside a Huddle House restaurant early Saturday morning during an attack some say is a hate crime.

Weems said earlier he was told not to enter a Waffle House restaurant because he was white, and the people inside were upset about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Knighten told the Associated Press when he pulled up to the Waffle House his friend, Weems, was already inside and was involved in an argument with several black men.

There are reports Weems may have made comments that flared tensions.

The two left the restaurant and headed toward the Huddle House.

Knighten said a group of 20 men from the previous restaurant followed them and attacked them.

Weems, an Iraq war veteran, is still in the hospital, and a family member said he had surgery for a brain injury.

Knighten received several injuries and broken bones in his face.

Courtez McMillian, 22, is charged with aggravated assault.

It will be up to a grand jury to decide if the attack was a hate crime.


    • Aubrey

      Why should Jesse and Al as you disrespectfully call them jump on this. Whites still show so little respect. It is Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. I know you hate to call them Mister??

      • Baracksferalkneeeeeegrowmob

        They aren’t reverends unless you call being race baiting loons reverend.

        They are both garbage.

      • Donaknowsitall

        They both may be ministers, but in truth they are both activists.
        Activistis for Civil Rights – as long as you’re black. If you’re white or latino you can forget about it.
        Civil Rights that most of the people in this area only apply to them (black).

  • Don

    FBI called in to investigate beating of white men outside restaurant
    Al & Jesse will probably be all over this, if there is any money for them.

  • Aubrey

    The mayor didn’t hesitate to call the FBI since allegedly blacks attacked white. Wonder why the mayor in Ferguson did not call in the FBI in early on. Like it was stated in. Ferguson, wait until all of the facts are in.

  • Christine

    No one has the right to assault another person for any reason. I know what it is like to be a victim of a hate crime. When I was in elementary school, the schools became desegregated. As you know in many small towns the high school gym is used to have the senior prom. I and some of the other classmates volunteered to help decorate the gym. It was dark when we left the school. On the way home this white man had his dogs attack us. He also shot at us. One of the bullets hit one of my class mates in the thigh. When the police came they took her to the local police station, in stead of taking her to the hospital. It really caused a uproar. This man had just moved here with his family. He did not know that the blacks in that town did not take any mess from white people. For example my grand father slapped a white man in the 1930 and he did not get hanged. Even though I experienced racial violence first hand. I was taught that you do not have hatred for a whole race because of a few. I see by the comments on this site I see that there are a lot of misconception about black people. The majority of blacks are law abiding and hard working people. They have many home based businesses. For example we had a license mechanic that fixed our cars. He was tired of making money for someone else. Since he had a large back yard and his home had a alley he turned his garage into a auto repair shop. There are many blacks who are self employed.

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