Cameras capture man stealing furniture, lawn ornaments in East Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A crook has been creeping around an East Memphis neighborhood, stealing almost anything left out in the open.

Neighbors said the man is stealing furniture, lawn ornaments, and even stepping stones from yards.

In a video everyone in the Shady Grove area is talking about, a man is seen stealing from their yards.

"It's almost like, you know, you're violated," Trinna Herron said.

Herron got the surprise of her life when she opened her patio door Monday morning.

"There was no patio furniture," Herron said.

The homeowner said while the crook thought no one was watching, a surveillance camera on the patio recorded everything.

"Gets out, walks, and loads my patio furniture on the back of his truck like 'no big deal,' and drove off," Herron said. "You hear about that kind of stuff happening, but when it happens to you - you're like, wow!"

The incident on Monday was not the first time the thief struck. Neighbors said he's been swiping their stuff for about a month.

People who live in the neighborhood reported missing cushions, lawn decorations, and stepping stones.

"He took all 14 of those," Herron said.

"We all work hard for our things and for somebody just to feel that they have a right to come and take your stuff it angers you," Herron added.

The man only had one way in and one way out of the small 26-house development.

"I'm hoping that there's a viewer out there somewhere that might recognize this man and can call Crime Stoppers, police, whoever.  So maybe he'll stop," Herron said.

If you know anything that will help police nab the man in the video, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.


  • John T. Dwyer

    Didn’t one of the former president’s of the police association get into some trouble for doing this same thing. Stealing paving or stepping stones, and lawn furniture? Then got indicted for embezzlement of the union’s funds later on, then arrested for shoplifting prophylactics or something mundane?
    Sounds suspiciously familiar!

  • MikeBarret

    Time for the fuzz to look on Craigslist for something other than setting up ho-bag sting operations. This guy has to be trying to unload the goods somewhere.

  • N'Hood Watch

    That looks just like the red ford f150 that Marcus Deener and Johnathan Davis used to steal things from my neighborhood and my neighbors house.

  • Baracksferalkneeeeeegrowmob

    I’m just a negro
    And everywhur I go
    Gotta be robbin and stealin
    Obama pays fo my pants
    Gettin welfare every chance
    Oooo I ain’t playin

    There will come a day whitey will move away
    What would he do without me?
    When the end come I know I was just a negro
    Like my buddy AC

    Cause I ain’t got no jobbbby

  • Don

    This is black on black crime, I’m sure the culprit thought that whitey lived there. but I’ll bet he won’t bring the stuff back. He also doesn’t know the difference that some well to do blacks have nice homes.
    I have a black family across the street and I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.

  • Layne Sacharin

    HOW BIZARRE IS THIS?!!! This is not just east Memphis for me. This is in Shady Grove Village, which was developed by MY FATHER. The lady in the video, Trinna Herron, lives on SYLBEN DR. (I don’t know her, I just looked her up.) SYLBEN DR was street name that I PERSONALLY came up with, during development of the complex. Street is named after my PARENTS, SYLvia & BENnie—SYLBEN.

  • Aubrey

    For those posting racist rants, It does not matter if a criminal is black or white, he should be captured, tried and sentenced. I’m sure the victims don’t care what color a criminal is. Seems those with small minds do. Neighborhood watch signs are no good without neighbors being active. A good description of the vehicle, a license number and the direction the criminal went in can help. Every “black” person is not a criminal regardless of who is in office.

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