Five officers make arrest after staring down barrel of loaded gun

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis police report read like a police television drama. Five Memphis police officers stared down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Police said Labaris Dale was sitting in his car on Oaklawn Street on Monday night when police realized his vehicle may have been connected to a call about shots fired earlier this month.

When officers walked up to the car, Dale allegedly ran away.

Neighbors told WREG officers caught Dale in front of a church.

Police documents revealed Dale pulled out a gun and told officers, "You're going to have to kill me."

While Dale's statement could have easily become a reality since he pointed the gun at each officer, the report said police were able to grab the gun and slap cuffs on his wrists.

"You want quality officers that have the ability or will take the time to disarm somebody even though they have a weapon," Michael Williams, President of the Memphis Police Association, said. "If they have the opportunity. Now, don't get me wrong. If they didn't have the opportunity, they would've shot that guy."

Police were not aware they were up against a killer. Dale plead guilty to first degree murder in 2002.

Williams said officers are trained for situations like this, which happen more often that the general public is aware.

Dale is expected in court Wednesday morning.


    • palefacedevilchildernstink

      Its no way he pled to first degree murder and is on the streets its 51Yrs mandatory before parole eligibility that being said good job police.

      • No one cares

        Good point why is he out if he is a convicted killed. He is not a convicted killer. He was a child with someone who killed and he was afraid but because he did not want to go back to court to fight the case after it was a hung jury he pleaded guilt. He did not kill anyone, someone else did and he was with that person doing the crime.

  • Joe

    I think the people that turn these criminals back on the street, should be held accountable for what they do when they are released.
    See it can be done. You don’t have to shoot them. Cops can risk their life taking them alive, so they can be put back on the street to get a do overs, until they kill again.

    • no justice

      It’s just like a video game. At the end when you lose, it asks you do you want to try again? With this justice system, its yes let try again. Jessie Dodson will be out next for a retry!

    • Donaknowsitall

      Joe, look at this guy. Does he look like he’s almost 300 pounds or over 6 feet tall? This guy looks much thinner and smaller to me. He also doesn’t look aggressive. That is where I see the difference in the MO case and this one. Yep, he had a gun, but, the cops probably saw the same thing I see.

  • Kay

    evidently all the officers were very young, i am glad they went home, maybe they closed their eyes for a brief moment and saw ferguson , mo. all over again and we certainly dont want that to happen here, now, do we ? we must be kind and compassionate and able to talk these POS thugs out of killing the police and other citizens. WOW! The police would have been justified if they shot and killed him just like Mike Williams, who is BLACK, and the pres. of the MPA said.
    Oh my gosh, leave now people, if you can, there is no hope for this city, taxes and crime. it is all over

  • Wreg-Fan

    Boris is a child hood friend of mines and so sad to see him in this state…I’m just thankful that he is alive and they didnt kill him

    • 122811

      The first sign of love is hate…..I see you love us black folks so much you take time out of your precious day everyday and post a racial comment on every story dealing with black crime… that mean you research the black community to see whats going on if that aint love baby I dont know what is…..Tee Hee

  • Maurice Gibb

    Nice job officers. Really nice job. The fact that this individual was shown compassion goes beyond words. In all honesty the cops had every right to shoot this guy to extinguish an immediate threat but they collectively chose to try and de-escalate the situation. That can only come from a combination of compassion, good thinking, experience and proper training. Excellent work. I believe that this performance above-and-beyond the call of duty is certainly worthy of accommodation.

    • Joe Bo

      He should have got put down, if he would have started shooting, them rounds could have killed anyone within range, not just the Police, but citizens in the area as well.

      • Maurice Gibb

        “Should” . . . “Would” . . . “Could” . . . all speculative words.

        The police “did” act responsibly and as a result no one “was” injured.

  • No one cares

    The police beat him when he was in handicuffs, what rave review do they get for doing that. Handcuff his mother and uncle because they ask why were they beating him. Bursted his head and guess what they all have pictures to prove this brutality.

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