Witnesses: Man threw AR-15 in bushes before running from police

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police searched Monday for a man with a gun, but were unable to locate him.

Officers said they were trying to serve a warrant on Trigg when the car spend off Monday afternoon.

“Several cop cars came flying and two [Organized Crime unit] cars came flying next,” said Keith Brown, who lives near the crime scene.

Brown and other neighbors watched the chase, and said they couldn’t believe when two men jumped from a silver Lexus while it was still rolling down South Parkway. The car crashed into the park’s sidewalk.

“The guy tried to get out, but he ran around,” said Brianna Stewart.

Two men bolted in different directions. Police used K-9 units and a helicopter, and eventually caught the driver, but the passenger got away.

Authorities say they believe the passenger had an AR-15.

People near Southside Park said they watched the man throw the weapon into some overgrown bushes before taking off, but police have found neither the gun nor the man as of Monday night.

“If that’s what he has and he is on feet, we are very concerned,” said Tita Totter.

Crime scene tape went up at the park as kids were playing basketball after school.

“I was scared, because they had guns,” one child said.

The boy was playing at the park and said the gun looked like something a solider would carry.

“We started running through a [shortcut], and he started following us. He dropped his gun, and then went another way when he clamped the gate with us,” he said.

He said the man threw the weapon into the bushes before he ran South on Willie Mitchell. While police wouldn’t say if that’s true, officers combed the yard and abandoned lots just in case.

Officers told WREG their biggest concern is, if the man did throw the gun, that it doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands.

MPD has not said what the man is wanted for, and police say they don’t have a good description of the man. Officers are asking you to keep an eye out and be careful.


  • The ENd

    Witness seen the gun thrown but no gun was recovered, hmmmmm somebody got them a Ak under there bed now

  • Rojo

    The AK-47, and SKS, and AR-15 and AR-10, and tactical Shotguns, as well as an ARRAY of many other weapons all have one thing in common. They are anti-assault weapons. I don’t pay my taxes for the police and military to assault me with their class 3 versions of those same weapons. I am not about to assault anyone and in reality in all gun related murders only 3% are commited with rifles of ANY kind. Please WREG clean up your offensive God awful language. ANTI-assault weapon is the proper term

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