Michael Brown’s father calls for calm Monday, the day his son is laid to rest

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Photo from CNN

Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — Mourners began lining up at a St. Louis church hours before Monday’s funeral of teenager Michael Brown.

His father called for a day of calm.

“Please, please take a day of silence so I can, so we can, lay our son to rest. Please. It’s all I ask,” Michael Brown Sr. said at a rally in St. Louis on Sunday.

His son,18, died on August 9 after being shot by Ferguson, Missouri, police Officer Darren Wilson.

His death sparked days of violent protests in the St. Louis suburb. In the past several days, things have calmed down, and the town is slowly coming back to life.

Brown will be eulogized at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.

Family attorney Benjamin Crump will read a message from the Brown family.

Funeral organizers released a list Monday morning detailing guests expected, but not confirmed, to attend.

The list includes the Rev. Al Sharpton; Martin Luther King III and the Rev. Bernice King; the Rev Jesse Jackson; the families of Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell; and celebrities Spike Lee, Diddy and Snoop Lion.

The White House is sending three officials to the funeral.

One of them is Broderick Johnson, who leads the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force.

He’ll be joined by Marlon Marshall, a St. Louis native who attended high school with Brown’s mother, and Heather Foster.

Marshall and Foster are part of the White House Office of Public Engagement.


  • takenobull

    What a sad day. I wish the young man had took a different path. I feel sorry for the store owner who suffered from his hands and the man who got broken bones around his eyes.

    • palefacedevilchildernstink

      Takeenobull, Your inistance on spreading a lie shows the pure wickidness of the caucasian ethncity. You as already know the store owners never called to report any crime. You are also aware the autopsy shows no sign of struggle and you have seen the report stating the officer was not hurt. That being said your silly hatred of the negro male exposes your fruity dafodill nature. I despise all of your ilk. You are a disbelieving child of satan. I am not fooled by you pale face beasts.

      • takenobull

        uh the robbery is recorded on video. and the officer was beaten an has broken bones around his eyes. I realize this is not being reported on Memphis TV news but facts are facts. palefacedevilchildernstink ( is that a racist nickname?) you need to concerned your self more about crime by the Michael Browns in your neighborhood then a Cop refusing to be assaulted twice.

  • impulse item

    The store owner should file a lawsuit against Brown’s estate for pain and suffering, PTSD and anything else he can think of so that when Brown’s family gets their settlement they can turn it over.

  • Christine

    No one wants to bury their child. While growing up, I was taught that words have a consequence. For example during the George Zimmerman trial, Frank Taffy was one of his biggest supporters. He said some pretty nasty comments about T. Martin. He is displaying a different attitude today. He now know how the Martin family felt. His two sons are now dead. He also lost his brother. When it comes to the death of Michael Brown, we do not know if someone caught the whole incident on tape and have not come forward. P.S. The reason the Ferguson Police chief released the officer’s name is that hackers hacked their computer system and threaten to release the names and addresses of all of Ferguson police officers. Also hackers got and released the recordings from dispatch. If you listen to the audio you will hear about how dispatch found out about the shooting from the media. Dispatch called Ferguson P.D. and was told that they did not know anything about a shooting.

  • donaknowsitall

    The true facts in this case have not yet been determined. It’s difficult for lots of people to wait for the justice system to work. We all jump to conclusions based on our skin color and our experiences. But the fact does still remain, in this case, that no official reports have been released on what really did happen.
    This man has been put on a pedestal and the cop has been fired in the media. Sad thing.

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