City tries to clean up image

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's no secret Memphis Mayor A C Wharton has a PR problem, but the city's hiring of the firm Archer-Malmo to help with the message over changes to workers' health benefit is raising eyebrows.

The Informed Sources also talk about why it appears now more than ever, alternatives to cuts in workers' health care coverage seem dead in the water.


  • F

    A C and the clowns had squandered millions of tax payers money and now they are going to have to fix it by robbing the retirees and employees. He does not care how many retirees are going to die because of the cold hearted decisions they are making. In fact he and the clowns probably prefer that the retires die off. He is destroying the fire and police departments. At a certain point they will not recover and if they go down so will the property values, the businesses, jobs, and the quality of life. With a satanic smile the Mayor sought out alternatives but he was just lying. He thinks that most of the employees are uneducated to see that they are being played. Are the clowns going to loose their insurance?

    • Gonebabygone

      The “certain point” was reached over a decade ago. It is just now that city employees are feeling what has run off privately employed citizens for years. I can understand how city employees just now feel that things will start to “go down” but the rest of us have seen it for a long while. That’s why the oft union-endorsed politicians’ spending like it’s the first of the month cannot be resolved with another property tax increase. The privately employed citizen property owners are the dark horse with the upper hand here. If anything, soon the city will only consist of a handful of very rich, city employees and a multitude of very poor people.

      Elect people who know that money doesn’t appear out of nowhere like welfare checks, can balance a checkbook and know how to work within a budget instead of the usual pandering promiser’s who are bankrupt in every meaning of the term. Then the city might be able to fix this.

  • Mandalore

    Why don’t y’all do a story about how many Police Officers & Firefighters are leaving because of this? MPD is starting an unfilled class for the 1st time in years b/c they can’t find recruits to come into this morass. The blu flu & red rash weren’t about retribution against the administration. It was to give citizens a snapshot of what the city will look like when there are not enough public safety employees to handle the city. Mayor Wharton will deny this is happening but the numbers are there. MPD & MFD were short already. Other cities/agencies crave our employees b/c we are some of the best trained in the country.

  • takenobull

    A retired city employee who worked 30 years as a typist may get 1500 bucks a month for a pension. and now must pay more then that for health care. And the mayor pays almost 30 grand for some PAL of his to explain to the employee why this is great news :)—————->> Mayor A C Wharton has a PR problem, but the city’s hiring of the firm Archer-Malmo to help with the message over changes to workers’ health benefit is raising eyebrows.

  • Hooligan

    hey channel three when are you going to fully inform you readers about your hypocrisy…susan Thorpe is a former Wharton spokesperson when he was county mayor who had to resign her post or be fired because she was implicated in the bobby lanier fraud where he tried to bilk money from the county pension….channel three “not really on your side”

  • whoyoukiddin

    AC knew nothing was going to change with what they voted on and now they are spending more money to speak to people because the person you now pay can’t do her job! Well it is now time to get rid of Dawana and use that money towards the benefits along with the money they are now paying Archer-Malmo! What a liars AC Wharton and the rest of the city council are! They do not care about the city workers much less the retired workers. Get rid of all these imbeciles that have no clue around here.

  • browning

    you obviously do not understand the difference between a misleading public relations campaign & dysfunctional, weak gov leadership

  • F

    Most of the city council members work for private companies. Are these companies in the Pilot program? Are they getting tax breaks. Are certain council members voting for the benefit of the citizens of Memphis or the companies they work for. (Just wandering).

    • UghSigh

      If it wasn’t for those companies on the PILOT program, Memphis would sink anyways and the Fire & Police Departments would be useless. Those companies are the only thing keeping Memphis on life support. No PILOT program and these companies would move to Desoto or Fayette. Is that how you believe we should fix the problem? Thousands of people lose their job so you can keep your benefits? Drop it. If anything they need to increase benefits of being on the PILOT program to make it competitive with Desoto.

      Anways, Memphis is stuck in a catch-22, collapse is inevitable…. It will fall apart completely before it stabilizes (with federal assistance).

  • F

    All Memphians pay city and county taxes therefore they paid Wharton’s salary while he was county Mayor. Is he receiving a pension from the county while working for Memphis Shelby County? Is his insurance being paid by the city of Memphis or the County? (just wandering)

  • F

    How many pensions can an individual receive in Memphis Shelby County? I notice people moving from the city to MLG&W and the County. Can a person receive three pensions? How many bogus positions were created just so certain friends can receive a higher pension. The grunts have to work between 25 to 30 yrs. to get a pension however some people received a pension with less that 12 years. Now combine that with no city contributions to the pension and you get the short fall.

  • Ronnie

    This why Memphis runs out of money for the running of Memphis they pend the stupidly. You can’t pend money on outside firms, sears building and ball parks and expect to have run city and the Mayor was behind all of them .People are getting tired of it.

  • allfedup

    Mayor Wharton is doing exactly what he always has done, lies, lies, and more lies. He said “come up with an alternative and we’ll work it out”, He again lied, this administration has done nothing but rob the bank (the citizens and employees of Memphis), It is time to rise up against these administrators…..(wonder how many of them are in the 1 %), They think that they are above all, that they are the king and what the king says goes. Only with strength in numbers and those who care about what happens in and to this city will things change. Does Mayor Wharton care about all the killings that have been going on pretty much on a daily basis? I don’t see him in front of the cameras with concern trying to remedy this situation. Only ones in control of this city is him, the city council, and the thugs and criminals……

  • TimSimpsonwearsladiesunderweareverydaytowork

    Will someone please give me a report on just what Dewanna Lofton does for her paycheck??

    Lofton, Dewanna Executive Officer – Public Information $75,000.12 Full-Time

  • scooby do

    WREG needs to start keeping up with how many police are quitting every week. The number keeps rising. Before it was 4 a week. Last week about 11 left. Soon the number will go higher. This is a disaster and those men can not be replaced. Memphis needs to wake up and see what AC is planning. More cuts for city employees. When there aren’t enough police to have a functioning dept he will say Memphis will no longer be a “full service” dept. No more police responding to accidents unless there is death or serious injury, burglar alarms unless there is a break in, shopliftings, all sorts of “minor” calls. It’s minor until it’s your call.

    People will be walking off with places like Walgreens when they know no one is coming on shopliftings. Think ADT is going to come check your alarm when it goes off? The people of Memphis have no idea what is happening and about to happen regarding the police dept. It takes almost three years to find a person, put him through the academy, train him for a year as a rookie, then let him work solo. Memphis had trouble hiring in the past and offering low pay and no benefits like they are now they will not be able to hire anyone. The resignations combined with the retirements are going to completely hollow out the police dept in two years.

    The dept calls 2016 the Tsunami year just because of retirements. Now 2017 has even more. That isn’t counting the ever increasing number of resignations. Wake up Memphis! Start asking AC some hard questions! Time is running out to stop the exodus. Worried about your property values now? Wait. You will be stuck with a house you can’t sell in a city you can’t live in very soon.

    • Chimp Simpson

      Please don’t hold your breath for Empty Suit Wharton to do ANYTHING. It’s about all that knucklehead can do to find his way to work. Wanna get sick??? … Make a list of his accomplishments with the County & city. I shouldn’t take very long.

  • F

    Will the Mayor have to work in the city for 25 years before he can draw a pension and if not why not ??? If he leaves before 25 years will it be a partial pension? We who have contributed into the pension for 25 plus years do not appreciate a moocher who did not work the full 25.

  • F

    How many years has the Mayor worked for the City of Memphis. If its less than 10 years will he also have to change to 401a if he succeeds in changing the pension plan.

  • Michael

    I have a feeling all these responses are from the same disgruntled, disjointed employee just spamming the News3 board. They are all pretty pitiful and so transparent.

  • houndog

    Those black leaders here are so wonderful. Things have never been better. White Men could never accomplish this.

  • CJB

    “City tries to clean up image”…………………….ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm what are they cleaning up because apparently they are not cleaning up nothing but tearing down the city to NOTHING

  • John G

    Sounds like this PR firm he hired is nothing but an attempt by AC to polish his image up for next years election on the taxpayers tab,And also did this PR firm contribute to AC reelection fund that is the question News 3 needs to investigate that.

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