Police report driveway robberies may be connected

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "My family and friends could be having a funeral right now," an armed robbery victim said.

A woman, who was robbed at gunpoint, was scared to show her face on camera because the man who robbed her is still on the run.

"He said he wanted my purse and my money and stupidly I said 'No. I'm calling the police'," she said.

The robber pulled out a gun.

"He got my purse and my cell phone and ran off," the robbery victim explained.

The man robbed the woman in front of her home on Crabapple, struck again on Briarwood, and again on Wedgewood.

Police said the robberies may be connected.

"We hope they get captured," Deborah McLebain said.

McLebain is a member on the Oakridge Area Neighborhood Watch.

"This is frightening because you don't think anything about a young teenager or child coming up the street on their bicycle. You don't think twice about that. But in today's world you have to," McLebain explained.

Police remind people to stay alert and to follow orders if being robbed.

Additionally, officers said remember as many details as possible in order to help put the bad guys behind bars.

The police department issued the following tips:

When approaching a location to park or if you are getting dropped off, be aware of your surroundings. If a suspicious person or someone who is unknown to you is in the area, be cautious.  

If any suspicious activity is seen call the police.

If you think someone is following you, call the police.

If you approached by a robber- STAY CALM- Do not make any sudden movements to upset the robber.

Do not fight with the suspect, your life is more important than property.

Follow the robber’s directions.

If you have to move, tell the robber what you are doing and why.

Try to get a good look at the robber so that you can describe him/her later.

Make mental notes of race, age, sex, height, weight, hair and eye color, build, and clothing.

Note anything unusual about the robber, such as scars, tattoos, strange mannerisms or speech patterns.

Note the type, size and color of the weapon used.

Give the robber time to leave.

Note the direction of the robber when he leaves

Try to get a description of the vehicle ONLY if you can do so without putting yourself in harm’s way.


What to do AFTER a robbery:

CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. Even if you have already activated an alarm, you should still call the police. 


TRY AND RECALL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ABOUT THE ROBBER and write down everything you can think of while it is still fresh in your mind, including the robber’s speech and mannerisms.

If there are any witnesses, ask them to remain until the police arrive. If they are unable to stay, get the witness’ name, address, and phone number.

Ask all the witnesses to write down their account of the robbery, including suspect information. Do not compare notes. People observe things in different ways, so what you might notice, another person may not and vice versa.


  • ron

    Most of all remember YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO PROFILE!…. NOT……You better profile.. it might mean your life.

  • Christine

    Please be cautious everyone who approaches you. We have to sometimes change the way we do things. I use to love to go grocery shopping at night. My husband put a stop to that when I saw some young men in a car following me. I had enough sense to not go straight home. I drove my car to the Bartlett Police Department. You also have to be very cautious in the daytime also. A good friend of mine got robbed in her driveway. They took her purse, her groceries, and even her baby’s pampers.

    • Mrs Ralph Applewhite

      @MIKE, no no no, you are wrong, I live in a mostly white community and we are being taught to be caution of our surroundings. I think you are sending the wrong message here. Blacks are targeting elderly whites. People like me and my husband, elderly and living carefree. But those days are gone. A bunch of white boys have been terrorizing this neighborhood for the last 15 years and not once has it ever been on the News or Newspapers. It is all so weird to us. I wonder why, does this city care for the elder whites. Let us know what is going on in our neighborhood. It is not all happening in mostly black communities. smh.

  • sarabee

    Yeah what’s the deal? You’re not even gonna give us a description? So we can be on alert if we see a tall white guy in a trench coat or a little person (can’t call em midgets) on a mini-bike?

    • Rojo

      Or, do us ALL a favor and keep calm and carry on you at all times.Unfortunatly just to carry it loaded in your car you have to have a conceal carry permit in Tennessee. And Halsam has failed us because he STILL has not corrected that.

  • TimSimpsonwearsladiesunderweareverydaytowork

    Yo Sara, … We all know basically what they look like, sight unseen.

  • WTF

    Come on Ch. 3 . You might as well have not aired this story . It does no good without a description of what to watch for. Was it a old guy young guy a woman?

  • Sockie Socko

    We all know it was blackies doing the robbing. Tee hee. Carry your Glock, S&W or whatever brand – when you reach your driveway look around for the thug acting as if nothing is going on – get ready!

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