Mother of five dead, child critically injured after shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A woman is dead and a child is critically injured after a shooting in the 1600 block of Patterson Friday afternoon.

Family members said Dominique Thomas was visiting her best friend when a group of men drove by and opened fire.

"I just started praying. I just said, 'She's going to be okay,'" said Katherine Sutton. "But then I saw her laying there, and that's how I knew she is dead."

Sutton fell into her husband's arms when she heard the news from police.

Their daughter was murdered at just 27 years old.

Thomas had five children, ages ranging from 18 months to 12 years old.

"Just a kind person, you know, fun-loving person. Just trying to do the best she could do to take care of her kids," said the victim's father, Ricky Sutton.

"About nine shots in a row," said a neighbor, who heard the gun shots several blocks away.

It happened as kids were getting home from school.

Many parents were frantically looking for their children, hoping it wasn't them on the other side of the yellow tape.

"I know the children are out here. I am looking for my son, because he's out here. I am just on edge," said Shelia Carley, who lives nearby the scene.

Thomas' kids were out of school, too.

Family members said some were in the home, and when they heard the shots, they took cover in closets and behind furniture.

"My grandson said he saw an arm," said Ricky Sutton.

"She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and just got caught up," said close friend Brenda Palmer.

Loved ones said whoever did this tore a family apart, and now five children will grow up without a mother.

The Suttons said they will take care of the children.

It's what their daughter would have wanted.

The child who was shot was taken to Le Bonheur. Police said the child is expected to be OK.

Police are still looking for the suspects, who got away in a white four-door car.


  • thedarkside

    I always notice the snide, unkind, and insensitive remarks left by white people. Just remember, your day of recompense is coming soon. Go ahead and continue to mock and make fun of the people that your forefathers help to make. The entire world is tired of your arrogance. Just look at the world affairs. You’re at the center. Your days are numbered.

    • Michelle Franklin


  • thedarkside

    You further make my point. You are so blinded by your incapability to empathize with other people’s plight. I am simply pointing out how some of you white people never miss an opportunity to spew your ignorant racist comments at a time of someone’s tragedy. And for you simpleton that mentioned Muslims killing in the various countries, you overlook the machinations of America, Israel, and others, (white people) that has a hand in these manufactured conflicts to further their wicked agendas. Take a look at the CIA and the Israeli Moussad criminals. And as for illegal immigrants, really, do you really want to go there? There is no one on the planet more illegal than the European. Everywhere he has gone, he has killed and displaced the original inhabitants of that land. He stole America from it’s original inhabitants. He tricked the so-called Mexican out his land and now calls him an illegal immigrant. He’s in Iraq, South Africa, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere stealing the resources and shedding the blood of the native people. Look at the fake jews in Israel killing the Palestinian people with weaponry and money provided by America. You are the blood shedders of the planet and you have a sick history. How dare you make fun of the so-called African-American people’s plight. Remember, once again, it was white people who had a hand in the destruction of the so-called African American. Your arrogance and ignorance will certainly hasten your people’s doom. Continue to watch the weather and see how the tornadoes are decimating predominately white towns. Look at the flooding wipe out white towns on the East Coast. The more you make mockery and do evil, the more the calamities will destroy your people.

    • Michelle Frankliin

      I really hate the anger you show to the white man, it sounds like you are the one who is racist and still holding on to the history in which brought you here. If you hate the land of the white man so much carry you and your racism back to Africa. I have many African-Americans in my Family and I am Married to one .He is the Uncle of this The woman who did in this tragedy. Can you just simply pray for her young children who no longer have a mother and the rest of her grieving family instead of carrying out you revenge for the white man. I apologize for the anger you have set-off inside me, but this racism B.S. has no place in this matter. It was a group of evil BLACK men who killed this young mother and injured another BLACK child.So PLEASE tell me where the heck does racism play a part in this???? I will pray for you and your heart because you have so much anger and hatred inside you…PRAY MY CHILD for YOUR ON SAKE

      • palefacedevilchildernstink

        Why do you condem darkside for speaking facts and condemning the whites for insulting the victim you claim is your relative? You are either part of the problem or a bald faced lier. For you to clearly single out the darkside is supicious at best? I think you are thinking because you are allegedly married to a negro that makes you less rascist or an expert in telling negros how they should feel towards whites. Your arrogance is appalling. Lastly, whites always tell blacks to foeget the past but never any other ethnic group such as the jews. Hypocrisy is a defining trait of you devils


        PALEFACEDDEVILCHILD…..You have no idea what you are talking about. You speak just to hear your brain rattled(That is if you even have One)!!!!!!!!!!! My feelings for stopping this madness has NOTHING to do with color or racism…It has to do with My husband losing his niece to senseless violence. Read the news Baby, over 20 people have been shot in Memphis in the past week to date(8-10 overnight). The violence there is evil and whoever these animals are Black White Hispanic Heindu Jewish Muslims or whoever need to STOP thinking they have the right to STEAL our loved ones away from us by MURDER. So you can take your Opinions of who I am and how I view things, and shove them…..I pray that you and your family don’t have to experience such loss but if you were to maybe and only maybe would you understand my feelings. Until then I ask that you Keep your underminded racism to yourself. PEOPLE like you are the reason this senseless violence continues….And it’s not the white people you are killing, it’s your own race!!!!!!!!!!

    • MOM

      I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.

  • thedarkside

    Hey sinistyr, your own spirit is convicting you. I don’t believe anyone on this forum addressed you specifically.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      No one in this forum needs/has to be addressed specifically! They, as U are, are simply exercising the FREEDOM OF SPEECH act! Thank U! And, in the event of U retort U didn’t pull my chain for a comment….it wasn’t needed! These poor little children have lost their mother to violence…in the wrong place at the wrong time. My deepest sympathy is with the family. The baby isn’t going to understand any of this only that she/he wants mama. The oldest, however, is likely going to have nightmares about this for a while. My prayers are with the entire family!

  • thedarkside

    What righteous person has a problem with me pointing out the fact that some are being disrespectful of this tragic situation. Everything that I said was factual and you cannot legitimately deny it. Only a devil would find fault with the truth.

  • Sean

    To those making this tragedy into a race issue, shame on you. For those claiming one race is guilty of anything and ignoring history, that is foolish. Also stop with the generalisations, there are good and bad people of every color, creed, and religion. We are ONE race, HUMAN, we succeed and/or fail together. We need to come together to fix the problems we all face and raise above the distracters. From my time in the Army I learned that people, regardless of what part of the world they are from or their outward appearance, all want the same basic things in life. To live in peace, provide for their families, and a better life for their children. How do we achieve that by tearing at others or by giving those doing so the time of day?
    God bless this family and more so the children who lost their mother in a senseless act of violence. Raise them up and guide them to fruitful happy lives.


    Sean, while I appreciate your civility and decency in your commentary, I’ll say it once more. I am rebuking the foolish white people for introducing disrespectful racial commentary during this tragedy. This in not a generalization. Everything that I mentioned is 100% factual as it relates to white people. Go to the disrespectful white people and tell them to repent and that this is not the forum to spew their ignorant and racial comments and there would be no need for anyone to rebuke them on this forum.

    • Sean

      THEDARKSIDE, I would agree 100% with your reply if you remove the color reference. I agrree with much you said on here, less the color references, I’m “white people” too. I choose to judge (as Dr King challenged us all) a person on their content of character. Bringing up history and actions of the past to condemn those in present only keeps us stuck in the past. We need to remember it and learn from it yes but we can’t move forward if we don’t let it go. Just as in one’s personal daily life, you need to let go to move forward and grow.
      As for correcting “white people” on here I addressed that in my first sentence of my original post. That said, I choose not to give them a voice or the satisfaction of a reply. They will answer for their behavior before God, on their day judgement. Thank you for your reply and I pray we as a common people achieve Dr. King’s dream. God bless you and yours.


    Thanks Sean. Hopefully others have watched our discourse on this post and learned how civilized people communicate. Let’s pray for this young lady’s family. Peace be unto you and your family also.

  • mz

    Smh……wow…..they need to stop allowing post…..its getting to personal….and its surely racist…..I bet someone at the news station is getting a kick out of all this….most of it…isn’t nice, and has nothing to do with the people involved…. Sometimes u just need to keep quiet…if u don’t have anything nice to say!!!! But, that’s called HOMETRAINING!

  • Keeping It REAL


  • Annonymous

    The news state…”A Drive By Shooting”…..Don’t get it twisted the law already knows whose doing what and basically where especially when it comes to the “Small Guys”…It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put this screw up together. And it’s not just the white people but some of us as blacks are sick and tired of these assumed gang bangers/drug houses and most likely section 8 residents who live off the profits of others instead of adding real value to life such as investing in education and landing decent jobs to support families. It’s not fair to the hard working residents who are fighting to keep a decent neighborhood inspite of the hoodlums violence and playing with guns. If you know your friends are hoodlums, please tell me why do you mixed company with them…Unless……???

    There’s a likely possibility that the deceased and injured was well aware of the household habits and trust…this particular house was labeled by all around as one of an undesirable nature if you know what I mean, it was and is no secret. These dumb bells appeared to have lived that type of lifestyle and proud of it with tons of threatening looking young boys loitering the yard daily…uggh! You’d think they would play a low profile or try to be invisible as possible but Not…Such stupid acting boys! Always booming their loud sound systems and jalopies. Sorry, can’t bring myself to address them as young “Men”.

    They do not act like real men but ignorant boys. And these type of boys run around carrying guns playing the “Wild Wild West” shooting up anyone except their target, proves how amatuer, generic and stupid they are; they never fail to hit a bystander. Also, shame on these greedy land lords who rent houses out to anyone with a dollar and a voucher! They should run background checks on all qualified occupants of the household if necessary. Ride through the neighborhood frequently and at odd hours also make random checks.

    Yes, it is sad this young lady possibly made bad choices and had to learn a final lesson and leave those poor parentless kids to suffer the wrath. Getting back to the hoodlums, I feel they should have kept the projects and left them all to live in there own desired mess together. They should not be allowed to mix with law abiding decent black residents who are striving daily to live through their mess. Parents you may love your kids but stop making excuses for their awful lifestyle due to your love for them… As this makes one wonder about you as parents. Be the example if not already…Help, re-direct and pray daily that they changed their life-style before it’s to late or change yours as well if necessary. Now this is sound example of loving in a constructive way, ofcourse if this doesn’t apply to you…then great!

    But these are the very type of hoodlums you might find blocking you from passing down the street while they stop their cars in the middle of the street and dare if you blow or pass them by. Most are young un-educated lost little black young boys searching for something to call a (fake) family or join gangs to survive the other “young” ruthless acting idiots. Most of these boys will meet their fate in jail or death, so sad when good kids get caught up with the bad though. Yes, watch the company you keep or change your friends if you do not want to get caught up or put yourselves in harm’s way. The company you keep somewhat defines you, so please don’t be so amazed if it goes down in a big way. Hope this kind of stuff encourage a change of mindset and to adopt a lifestyle that provides hope instead of hopelessness.

    I don’t stay near that street but in that hood and have to pass this house going to work daily…as the hood knows the hood, once these types of hoodlums move on…maybe the decent blacks can call it a neighborhood again, atleast for a few seconds because due to the city officials and progression it’s not looking promising. God please protect your people from the snares of the enemy in this city and let the enemies understand your wrath is not to be reckoned with. Shield and protect the innocent and change the hearts of the bad….Amen.
    “Black on Black Crime…Idiots…You are following the program of Black Self Destruction” Spitting fire at the so called white man…he don’t have to hate you; It’s easier for them to sit back and watch you Self Destruct from your own Hatred of each Other. Now how idiotic is that?

    I know it’s a personal choice but Real Black women (not the ghetto girls because you’ll first have to change your simple mindsets) if you’re smart you might at-least, consider seeking relationships outside of your race for long jevity…Most black guys in this city are so over! Dead beats or on the down-low and heartless…not all but Most. Stop getting turned on by these dead beat, baby producing machines, jail birds and hoodlums who are so full of rage until they find it hard to love themselves even…they know who they are. Stop popping out babies like they are trophies and get real…Get a decent education and financial security first to then raise a family in decent neighborhoods; Where kids can live a decent life without being afraid of a bullet flying up their butt.

  • Ramona

    If we could just all come together one day… What whites and blacks fail to realize is that we all bleed the same color blood regaurdless of the skin color. Five children left without a mother … We should all be praying ! She was my little cousin … Blacks whites yellow and purple should just pray . Stop all the stupidity .

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