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Troopers fix hoop and bring hope to Ferguson

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FERGUSON, Mo. – There has been so much negative news out of Ferguson, Missouri it’s no wonder a simple photo is getting so much attention.

KTVI-TV reports two Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers went out of their way to help some kids in the community have fun.

The troopers reportedly saw a basketball hoop without a net.

No net meant no kids around to play and take their minds off what’s been happening there.

The troopers went to a store and, using their own money, bought a net and ball.

As you can see from the photo, the fixed hoop brought the kids out, and the troopers even took them on for a few games.


    • takenobull

      I had to change my reply. I think I mention the media. I would like to say we now know the officer who shot someone has a clean record and was severely injured. I will see of if that passes the test :)

  • MovingForward

    to NONE- Obviously you are uneducated since you can’t spell any of the words that you posted on this website correctly. Yes you do have your crooked officers, and you have good ones. They did something nice for the kids, and you want to talk negative about officers because…? It was a kind gesture, and it probably made some of these boys days!

  • Bobbyie Stokes

    Something needs to break the negativity and tension in Ferguson. It is nothing wrong with doing something positive to help the tensed and stressful situation. If any of you have a problem with that, you need to be evaluated. I know it will not take the problem away, but try to move on and let the law do their jobs. If you want to protest, do it in a calm matter because it won’t help the situation it will only add to it.

    Praying that it gets better in Ferguson in Jesus Name Amen.

    Bobbyie Stokes

  • you mama

    What a joke…. basketball ??? So sports will ease the pain for blacks? Maybe black people need to pray using a bullhorn.. then our prayers might make it pass the clouds. cause the way we have been praying is not working for the race.???????????

  • MidnightBassetballfoeveryone

    Why, … what an insult to young gentlemen of African descent!
    This is nothing but inverted, complemented, double down racism by stereotyping in the 1st degree!!!
    IF bassetball will quiet the natives, how about a hoop on every corner, … n’ free bassetballs!!!

  • Christine

    In all walks of life there are people that are trying to be peaceable. An act of kindness should not be questioned. We do not want to stereotype people. No one really knows what a criminal look like. I remember when that West Memphis Police Officer was killed by a white man and his son. As we all can see is that words can have a negative impact. This man taught his son that the government was evil. We have to be care with what we say. If any of you followed the George Zimmerman trial you all know that Frank Taffy was his biggest supporter. He said some really horrible things during the Zimmerman trial. His attitude has changed because of the death of his two sons. Remember you reap what you sow.

  • Jacqueline Perry

    Not all cops are bad, we just need to get some, some better training.some are afraid of blacks, we need to get them some racial training.our federal money isnt being spent properly it appears. All folks just want to live peacefully. That’s all.

  • Bobbyie Stokes

    Ferguson is the name of the city idiot. So, “Ferguson was robbing a store, fighting the police officer”

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