Parents charged with choking, holding child underwater and more

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  A Memphis father and mother are charged with abusing their four children.

The abuse includes four children ages 2, 5, 8 and 11.

The children's grandmother called police after she'd had enough.

Sharrad Sharp and Natasha Philmore are charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts each of child abuse and neglect.

The children told police Sharp would pick them up by the neck and throw them across the room.

The dad is also accused of holding a toddler`s head under water during bath time, and hanging an eight-year-old daughter upside down on the door.

Neighbors say they even watched some of the attacks unfold outside.

“The child was drugged home by her hair,” said neighbor April Hall.

Hall said the abuse was so horrific that angry neighbors beat Sharp up and ran him out of the neighborhood.

“All the stuff going on with the children, neighbors put him in his place. You should always try to protect the children,” said Hall.

Some people living at the Warren Apartments say, even though there aren't reports of Philmore physically abusing her children, she's just as responsible.

They believe she knowingly did not keep them safe.

“If someone does something wrong, you handle that,” said Hall.

Hall can’t imagine someone hurting their children.

The Department of Children Services is investigating.


  • Disgusted

    This is horrific. Why do people treat children in this manner? They should never be allowed to have kids.

  • Loqutus Borg

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  • Vernon

    Vernon to Vernon , abuse has no , income, education or location. Their all educated, white collar, millionaires abusing their children as well. The mom need help not jail, most likely she was afraid for her own life.

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