Is Beale Street cover charge legal?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Downtown Commission started charging a $10 cover charge on Beale Street, hoping to cut down on some of the problems there lately.

But some on the City Council aren't sure that's even legal.

Find out what the Informed Sources think.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Of course it’s not legal! Unless they are going to shut it down at a certain hour and declare it a “Private Party,” with a permit in hand then it is not legal to subject people to a charge on a public street. To compare this to “Memphis In May” is like comparing an Apple to an Orange. Memphis in May is a private event with permits to back them up. Who is collecting this money, and where will the money go?

  • Don

    Who is collecting this money, and where will the money go?
    Probably not the Council members, because they found that the money is going to the mayor’s pocket.

  • joe

    well you wont ever see my ten dollars……I’m done……this is plain idiocy……you can look for this moronic decision to be reversed quickly as business drys up at beale street restaurants

  • Gary

    I just don’t see why people continue to try to live in Memphis ,it is not even a good place to visit ,you taking a chance to be robbed by a criminal or the government there.

  • chanceencounterstlm

    I remember when there were a lot of fun things to do in Memphis and you didn’t even have to have a lot of money to have a good time. Now the little bit Memphis has to offer is unbelievably over priced. Two people decide to walk around Beale and they pay $10.00, then another $5.00 for parking and they haven’t even paid a cover to go into a club. Better to find entertainment in the suburbs–or take a drive to Nashville.

  • ron

    I really think its a great idea to keep out the riff raft. They should start charging everyone every day at 4 pm. If you don’t intend to spend money and are just looking to pan handle and such you won’t get in. Since its a public thoroughfare the city should collect the money and use it to police the area.

  • Nichelle Rice

    Really come on Memphis, you have go to do better. I can’t see paying a cover charge to walk up and down the street. I can not see how charging a cover charge will be some form of crowd control. Whoever came up with that concept need to go back to the drawing board. Their are other cities that offer entertinment on busy street not charging a cover charge such as Chicago, rush street, New Orelans the french quaters, the list can go on and on. Now if this is some form of tatic to draw in reveune for the city then just say so.

  • Jon

    The fee was a cowards way of trying to get around the real problem. The fee will only make things worse. For the most part is a tourist trap or its intended as such. Why not just shut down the street at midnight? Statistics show the problems are coming after 1am as other clubs start shutting down and everyone descends on Beale to hang out. I think the savings will far out weigh the loss of revenues once you balance it all out. 1am at the latest for nothing good happens at that hour and with hundreds of drunks stumbling in its time to call it a night.

  • william

    I’m so sick of hearing racism on the news in Memphis that city will never get anything that attracts people until idiots quit yelling racism on the news

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