HVAC repair calls rise with temperature

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CORDOVA, Tenn --  HVAC companies have had an easy summer, sitting by the phone with little to do as temperatures stayed abnormally cool.

But as summer slips away with rising temperatures, suddenly air conditioners are starting to fail to keep up.

"I was watching 'Good Times' and it turned into a bad time," said Jessica Crewshaw, after her A/C system died in the middle of her TV show.

Many others have been having A/C issues and unable to find someone to help.

"Our phones have been ringing off the hook," said John Conway of Conway Services.

He's gearing up for a big weekend, fully staffed, as the temperature may top triple digits and more A/C units are unable to keep up.

Techs tell us one of the biggest issues has to do with dirt in the outdoor units. Grass clipping, dust, and dirt get trapped in there, and before long, they cause the unit to overheat.

Marcus Ayers with Conway said the best advice is to turn off your A/C when you're cutting the grass.

That simple step, along with changing filters and having your system serviced once a year, could keep you up and running for years to come.