Another political cover-up in Southaven?

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Southaven's director of parks and recreation was first found guilty of groping a woman last year, but the city didn't decide to fire him until Thursday night. Now Southaven residents want to know why the mayor is staying so quiet about it.

David Stewart is frustrated with Mayor Darren Musselwhite.

"It's the good old boy system. It's been here forever, and in my opinion it still goes on," he said.

The now-mayor ran on a campaign of transparency. He said the Davis administration covered things up, something Steward says Musselwhite is now doing himself.

"Y'all have to bring it to their attention and get them to do something. It's not going to get done, unless there is public outcry," he said.

Thursday night, Musselwhite told WREG he couldn't talk about the city's decision to fire Michael Mullins, even though the city attorney said he actually could.

Rick Skelton calls it more proof corruption is everywhere in the political system.

"It's government. They do what they want to. They don't care what we think," he said.

Mullins was convicted for groping a woman last year, but he wasn't fired until WREG uncovered the story earlier this month.

Sources told WREG the city only made him go through sensitivity training after the conviction.

We reached out to several city employees who wouldn't comment on Mullins being fired. They are all too afraid of backlash from Musselwhite.

Skelton said, "There should be no such thing as a closed door meeting. Anything a government decides affects the people of the community."

A community still complaining about cover-ups, even with a mayor who promised to end them.


  • Christine

    Voting to put someone in office is a weighty responsibility. Most people cast their vote based on party line. Before anyone cast a vote for a particular candidate, they should do their own research. Today we live in a time where politicians are heartless. Back in December 2013, the politicians in Washington did not vote to extend the emergency unemployment benefits . This past winter was one of the coldest. My utility bill was over $400.00 each month. I am thankful that my husband’s income was enough to pay our utility bills. I still think about those families with children who’s parent may have lost their only source of income. What really angered me the most was that this country gives aid to other countries, but will not use our tax dollars to help those in need in this country. No one wants to be unemployed.

    • E. Zach Lee-Wright

      Christine wants me to pay her not to work, again. Well I am tired of it. She was told how long I would do this and it was up to her to find another job in that rather long time period. But no, she wants me to pay her forever because she lost a job. No economy can run this way.

      • Christine

        Just because I have compassion for the unemployed, does not mean that I am looking for a hand out. I and my family are college educated and we are doing quite well financially. My ancestor’s on both sides of my family did pretty good. They bought up a lot of land that is still in our family today. They also believed in their children getting a college degree. I and my husband both have college degrees. The majority of my first cousins have college degrees. My mother’s older brother has 4 children and they all are medical doctors. How many families do you know whether black or white that the majority of the family members are well educated and own businesses and property. In my family we help to send other family members children to college. Also when one our family members want to start a business we do all we can to help out. We do not train our children to work for someone else. We teach them that it is in their best interest to work for themselves. THE REASON THIS COUNTRY IS ON A DECLINE IS BECAUSE OF LACK OF COMPASSION AND IGNORANCE.

  • Jacqueline Perry

    He right its goverment they do what they complain to to the governors office and they want respond.they want us to follow the law, but gov dont follow the law.jackson tn workcomp officals did away with my workcomp claim cause it had to do with an illegal hazardous substance . goverment treat tax paying citizens awful.

  • southaven resident

    Maybe the Mayor is being quiet because he realizes that this so called victim of groping is just sitting back waiting to file a law suit. Maybe he has been advised by the city attorney’s not to speak on the matter. And maybe it’s because he has known Mike Mullins most of his life and he knows what kind of man he is. He knows that the story given in court seems very out of character for Mike and somewhat fabricated. I’m sure he’s struggling himself with what he has witnessed being done to his friend’s reputation. His friend that he knows has served this city well and has not once ever been accused or called out on acting in such a manner. The Mayor doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. If you want to know anything all the records are public. Don’t be so ignorant to just assume that everything is just as it seems and is reported.

  • dorian grey

    It sounds like Southaven Resident must be a real “friend” to Mayor Musselwhite,Mike Mullins,and the administration of Southaven.It sure seems like Southaven Resident has all the “answers” for all his “good ole boy friends”. Good luck getting the truth out of this “transparent” administration.

    • Southaven Citizen

      Dorian Grey, we would love to disclose the facts of all of this with you, you seem to be well informed of all of the actions taken in the situation. We would love your insight personally. Thank you for your infinite wisdom, we applaud you for that. Now computer hero, why haven’t we ever heard of you??? Why don’t we know how big of a hot shot you are???? Talk talk talk??? Cute, very cute!!!!

  • dorian grey

    Well,well,well. It seems that Southaven Citizen doesn’t seem to like most of the posts on here,judging from his last post. “Good ole boy” politics are done in Southaven. It’s very apparent that Southaven Citizen(or Southaven Resident) is in the minority in the comments on this news channel 3 story. There’s some insight for ya…..

  • Southaven supporter

    So is the mayor of Southaven supposed to come running to news channel 3 with all issues so they can blast it and share one side of a story? Seems to me, this mayor is looking out for both citizens involved by taking the appropriate steps.

  • dorian grey

    Sorry Southaven Supporter,you’re also in the minority on this issue.keep on going,news channel 3,with this story.i can’t wait to hear Southaven’s spin on this one…..

  • Errin

    Just because he hasn’t been accused of it, doesn’t mean hasn’t happened before. Also, as far as suing goes, don’t you think if she was going to sue, she would have already? It did happen over a year ago. The mayor needs to own up and call a spade a spade and move on. Just for the record, I live in Horn Lake.

  • Errin

    No, Southaven supporter, the mayor isn’t supposed to tell wreg everything, but this could have been avoided. How much investigative reporting do you need to do if a guy who was convicted of c groping a, woman is still there? really!!!

    • Non southaven supporter

      Ha ha ha ha Horn Lake, the absolute trash of Desoto county!!!!! And Dorian is very tough when he isn’t face to face isn’t he!!! People of Southaven realize that people who come on to websites only to criticize and put others down are only doing so because they have nothing else in life. They are sad pathetic people that just need some excitement in life so they come on here and throw their opinions around as if anyone ever cares. If you will notice, Dorian probably will never show up to any public meeting and just sit at his computer making his idiotic comments to make it through his sad little life. People of Southaven the best advice I can give you is ignore the news and ignore the people on these posts. I’m not from Southaven or even Desoto county for that matter. And the Horn Lake girl, seriously, Horn Lake??? Just stop, the armpit of America. There is a reason you don’t make the news, because no one cares

    • Southaven supporter

      There was an appeal process going on. And it was simple assault…not “groping”. Maybe if the mailman hands me a package in a hurry and it hits me where I don’t want to be touched, I’ll sue!

  • Ryan

    Cronyism is global not just down south. The mayor and boys meet up with the sheriff and his crew at The Boar’ s Nest once a month for their hee haw session.

  • Rude Druid

    This is what will happen every time a pack of wild-eyed theocrat Republicans elect a bunch of g ay, closeted, homo phobes. Secrets, secrets, secrets within secrets.

  • dorian grey

    Non Southaven Supporter,or”Southaven Citizen/Supporter this message is for you.I’m proud of news channel 3 for the coverage they’ve provided.I won’t engage in personal attacks on this comment page.i have expressed my 1st amendment right and that was enough for a while. Thanks…

  • Southaven supporter

    Really Dorian? Not interested in attacks but you sure are sitting next to your computer keeping some kind of comment tally. I’ll just say that it’s sad that you can live in and love a city for so many years and you are automatically deemed a “good ol boy”…therefore a bad guy and must be out to take over the world. No wonder loyalty has no meaning anymore. It only gets you punished down the road.

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