MPD continues to investigate Frayser shootings, neighbors step up to improve area

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police report one man is still in critical condition at Regional Medical Center following a shooting in Frayser Wednesday that hurt five people.

The other four people are no longer in the hospital.

The shooting happened at the Corning Village Apartments near Corning Village and Steele.

The Blight Patrol got to work Thursday to clean up a neglected property next door because of the shooting violence the night before.

"Our children need to know what happened last night is not what's normal to our community. It's actually abnormal, but they've seen the abnormal so long that it's become the normal to them," said Pastor DeAndre Brown, who is with the group.

Neighbors said they do not know what led to the shootings, but one woman that lives at Corning Village Apartments said many people that don't live there bring trouble.

Resident Akeya Washington said there is no security.

"Majority of the people that's causing the confusion over here don't even stay over here. So I, like, what are they going to do about this because it's more than crazy," Washington said.

Memphis Police are still investigating the shootings.


  • When do the protests start?

    Where are the riots and looting about these shootings? Where is Obama and Holder? Why isn’t this national news? Where are the protests about black on black crime. The hypocrisy of the media and the so-called black leaders of this nation is laughable.

    • donaknowsitall

      We don’t need nor do we want protesting here. What good does protesting do? Has it done Ferguson, MO any good. No it hasn’t. I do agree that black on black crime has got to stop, but who is to blame for this. Holder and Obama are not to blame. I am not a fan of either one of these men, but, really, did they shoot these people? No, they didn’t.

      We need to PLACE THE BLAME WHERE THE BLAME NEEDS TO BE – WITH THE PEOPLE DOING THE CRIME. We cuddle and protect these people. Moms and dads and grandmas and other family members say that their kids/family would NEVER do something like this when the police come knocking on the door to question/arrest the teen/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/neighbor/whatever.
      Stop protecting the people that do these crimes, turn them over to the police, let the judical system work.
      But first and foremost, blame the criminals!

    • 2nd St Bound

      I think Harbor Town needs protection from Frayser criminals and North Memphis criminals. I know of plenty of people I grew up with in Frayser that go to Harbor Town to steal, rob, and sell drugs. Nothing to steal in Frayser so follow the money.

  • Council Clowns

    Meanwhile nine more MPD officers have retired in the last couple of weeks. Don’t worry though……..
    Crime is down.. Crime is down and PILOTS are up. This place js an outright disgrace and National Embarrassment. The ignorance and stupidity of the SHEEP who keep voting these clowns in office is unreal. I am so thankful I only have a small amount of time before I can leave from this Godforsaken place.

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