Mid-South impacted by data breach at UPS Store

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CORDOVA, Tenn. -- Even more of you are at risk of having someone steal your personal information.

Hackers got into another system and this time it lasted for months. More than 100,000 people could be impacted. If you used a credit card or debit card with the company in the past year, your information could be at risk.

More than 50 stores were impacted by this, including the one at 1138 North Germantown Parkway.

WREG caught up with Douglas Lions when he was walking out of the UPS store in Cordova. It's the only one in the Mid-South hit by hackers, and now Lions is afraid to use his credit card here.

“Data security is one of the most important things that you really need to have especially people here in the United States with so many people having secure accounts everywhere but I just want to know where all the information's going,” he said.

Besides customers credit and debit card information being at risk, their names, mailing and email addresses are also in jeopardy.

A spokesperson for the company says if you shopped at the Cordova store between April 29 and August 11, you should closely check your bank and credit card statements.

“I think it's frightening, I really do. The same thing happened at Target over Christmas time. I had several friends who were compromised,” said Patricia Crowe.

There are no reported incidents of fraud so far, but until now, nobody knew to be on the lookout.

“It's extremely frustrating that the people that we do trust, credit card companies, banks and everything don`t have secure enough websites, to stop them from hacking into them yet,” said Lions.

A spokesperson with the company says they're offering free credit monitoring services for one year to anyone impacted.

The company didn't know about the problem until it received a notice from Homeland Security regarding a possible malware intrusion. They addressed the issue immediately.