Dozens complain about PB&J Towing Service

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  "Get off my property with that camera," a man shouted from inside PB&J Towing Service.

No one at the company wanted to answer questions from WREG. When news crews asked to discuss several complains filed against the company, a man slammed a window and asked us to vacate the property.

"Why are you taking people's money?" Beverly Couch asked.

Couch is one of dozens of frustrated people looking for answers from PB&J Towing Service.

"You can't just come around and take somebody's car," Couch said.

Couch claimed the towing company took her granddaughter's truck from an apartment complex near Airways Boulevard.

"They say she double parked," Couch said. "She said, 'I did not double park.'"

WREG went digging for information on the company and found 33 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau Serving the Mid-South.

The complaints, along with several other factors, lead to the company having a D- rating.

All of the filed complaints were made within the last year and a half.

Most people claimed their cars were wrongly towed.

"Young people. They are supposed to be able to trust us. They can't trust us because we lie to them. You know, and then you steal this child's car," Couch said.

Couch hopes something will be done about the company, and people will be on the lookout to avoid finding themselves in a sticky situation with PB&J.

The company responded to a majority of their complaints filed with the BBB; however, it took a prolonged period of time to respond to the complaints.

According the BBB website, the owners previously owned a business called Fat Pat's Cash For Junk Cars.


  • Gonebabygone

    They have been in the news before for towing legally parked vehicles from lots downtown and apartment complexes. Look back a few years in your news coverage.

  • Brandy

    My car was towed last November when I was working downtown. I paid for my parking and was shocked when I came out to find my car gone. I called the number and then called the police. The same man owns the lot AND the towing service. The names are different, but the phone number was the same. The other parking lots around said he lures people in with low priced parking and tows cars daily. The victims ,like myself, have no way to prove otherwise because there are no receipts given. It’s disgraceful and dealing with him was a disgusting example of human immorality. My lesson learned was never park in a lot where no receipt is given.

  • Skinny

    I wonder why these folks are still in business. They are shady & are just plain mean. They towed my friends car from a lot with a unnoticeable sign. They charged her inflated storage charges for less than 30 minutes of storage. They broke in car & stole some items & They are rude and crooked.

  • Bob

    The Better Business Bureau is not a reliable source for business info. If they grade the company with a D, it deserves an F-

  • Joann Strickland

    Does anyone have anything good to say about PB&J even the businesses that hire them to tow. My car & co-workers car was towed from a lot near the Trolley stop restuarant. I purposely looked for ‘no parking sign’ and did not see one. I was about to report a stolen car to the PD when I noticed a faded sign several spots down from where I parked. Then to be charged extra fees for not having my registration (I have my keys – fool) the registration is in the glove compartment – where it should be.

  • Angela

    I just happened to read this story and believe I was almost taken for a scam this morning. I was at Circle K at Madison and McLean. I legally parked in the parking lot (on the side), went in with my son and friend to get a soda, came out and my car was blocked by a tow truck. I smiled to let him know I needed out (never thinking a thing) and he said, “oh, is this your car…’re not needing a tow?” I (naively) said, “no, wrong person….my car works just fine”. He was gone in no time flat…….and the lot does have a PB&J sign. Now, I’m irritated…..crooks…..guess I was lucky that I didn’t linger long in Circle K!!! So, they just troll around looking for any and all cars to tow….whether they are legally parked or not? Can’t something be done about this?

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