Someone stole trailer, camping gear from Boy Scouts

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- A Southaven Boy Scout troop said thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of camping gear after their trailer was stolen from a church parking lot.

The Boy Scouts of America motto is "always be prepared," but a Southaven boy scout troop said its members weren't prepared for this.

"One of our leaders said, you know, that just stinks," Wayne Ashmore said.

Ashmore is one of the leaders with Boy Scout Troop 376 and said someone swiped their camping trailer.

"We had tents, stoves, lanterns, you know,our pots and pans," Ashmore said. "Stuff that we had worked for years, you know, raising money to buy and now it's all gone."

What was most shocking to the troop was that the trailer was stolen from a church parking lot.

"It's just aggravating. You know, it's frustrating," Ashmore said.

The trailer was locked up with several locks and a chain.

"We had planned a couple of big trips and we were going to...the yard sale that's coming up at the first of October, that money was going to be earmarked for trips, and now it looks like it's going to have to go for equipment," Ashmore said.

The scouts worked hard raising the money for the items inside the trailer. The troop hopes their stuff will turn up again, or that the burglar will have a change of heart.

Southaven police are asking you to give them a call if you know anything that could help nab the crooks.


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