Memphis city leaders talk health care options

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis city leaders are still looking at new health care costs for city employees.

A health insurance consultant isn't so sure a proposal some claim will save the city millions is the best solution.

"I think the people have come to the table with suggestions because we understand that this affects people`s lives," said Mike Williams of the Memphis Police Association.

City leaders continue to debate over health care. Labor unions proposed a high deductible plan, thinking it would save the city money in the long run since the 24 percent increase in many workers' premiums seems out of reach for many.

An insurance consultant from Mercer says a draft report shows the proposed plan wouldn't save the city as much money as expected.

Williams is asking the council to bring in an independent consultant.

"When you talk about high deductible plan, you talk about increases that we're willing to accept to change this, but at each and every step in this process, the administration has made no effort whatsoever to change or to meet us half way," he said.

Williams says the administration has been unreliable in the past. Council members agreed to come back to the table in two weeks.

"We agreed that council members will come back with a resolution that will incorporate what they have proposed," said councilman Harold Collins.

A city employee with the basic family employee will go from paying $344 a month to $426.


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