Watch: Memphis On A Mission

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is a city on a mission for greatness.

It’s a city on the edge, a city divided. But it’s ours, and this is our chance for a better tomorrow.

It’s time to heal old wounds, and create new stories of success, by educating our children and by making sure there are enough jobs and everyone feels safe in their own home.

We took a look at the past, present and future, then held a roundtable to discuss what needs to be done.

We have broken our one-hour documentary into seven parts:

I) How Memphis’ past impacts its present and future

II) How to eliminate stumbling blocks in Memphis’ education system

III) Why Memphis’ economy struggles to improve, and what we can do to change that

IV) Why it takes more than police to win the war against crime

V) Why closing the racial divide is crucial for Memphis’ success

VI) How lack of leadership negatively affects Memphis, and how we can fix it

VII) How three cities overcame some of the same challenges Memphis faces

VII) Memphis On The Move Roundtable Part 1

VIII) Memphis On The Move Roundtable Part 2

IX) Memphis On The Move Roundtable Part 3


  • Hank Hogue

    Thank you for airing this report. I happened to change channels and caught the last 45 minutes. I am excited to know that it can be viewed on line. I am going to show it to my sales agents the next few weeks.
    I am a native Memphian and concerned about what the future holds for my grandchildren.
    Again, thanks for the program. It was long overdue. Don’t let it be the last.

  • Hunter

    The chances of pink elephants flying over Memphis are greater than this joke of a city ever becoming anything besides a cesspool for crime and corruption.

  • Hank WIlliams Jr.

    I have hope one day that Memphis will maximize its potential and be the great city I know it can be. I’ve lived in Nashville for more then 4 years and recently moved back to Memphis because I always considered this home. Nashville is ok but soon will out grow itself. Traffic is awful compared to Memphis, cost of living is steadily rising (so is everywhere) and it soon will be too expensive to actually stay within the city limits causing even more of a head ache for commuters. Now I’m not downing Nashville because it is a city on the rise with lots to do, but I love Memphis and have faith that it will one day regain its rightful spot as the capitol of the South. Once the mentality of the people changes here in Memphis and people stop blaming others for their behaviors, we can come together as one city united.

    • Fullofhope☆

      Nicely said Hank Williams Jr…I don’t care what the naysayers have any opinion on…it’s them who keep Memphis down. I am rooting for Memphis and all the individuals who put in the time and effort to make Memphis a great city!

      • Hunter

        Naysayers? Some people are just too morally obtuse to see the Forrest because the trees are standing in the way. Try the caffeinated version of your favorite coffee , maybe it will wake you up, it’s obvious your asleep at the wheel.

  • Hank WIlliams Jr.

    Yes fullofhope commits like@ hunters is not wanted on a news page that is trying to promote a sense of pride and growth. Maybe if some people were less deleterious and more optimistic about the future then maybe it would be brighter and full of hope. I honestly believe people no matter what great things Memphis has to offer would like Memphis to fail just because. I hear negative comments from people who enjoy the jobs that are here in Memphis but run to North Mississippi (Olive Branch, Southaven, etc…) to live. If you have a dislike or in some instance a hate for Memphis then please find gainful employment there and stop coming over the state line every morning to work. Memphis grants you the opportunity to live in a so called utopia you think Mississippi offers you. Now again I’m not downing North Mississippi, but don’t bit the hand that feeds you which is Memphis.

    • Hunter

      I live in Memphis . Maybe your so egocentric and self centered you can’t see past your own nose. Take some of that “hope” ya have there to the pawn shop and see what they will offer you for it.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    I did watch the program and was impressed at the panel, not one of the usual group of people on each and every panel in the past like Dwight Montgomery for starters. The only problem I have with meeting like this is that once you leave the room there is no real follow up. I heard a lot of what we need but not much of how there will be follow up to at least get the ball rolling and by what group. I really don’t hear a lot from the NAACP and or the Clergy in this city unless there is an opportunity to get their picture taken. I like what Channel 3 is trying to do, but we need every station in Memphis to come on board. On Crime, I still don’t see why we refuse to treat the Gang Members like the Terrorist they are. Already our kids are having trouble with trying to avoid these thugs in our schools, yet we run off to Iraq chasing ISIS, a ban of thugs who are doing exactly what the Bloods and Crips (many more) are doing in our communities. Get serious about eliminating crime and gang activity and you will see a decrease. If we can’t control our own streets, how the hell do we control thugs in another country, you don’t! The Mayor is struggling with what to do about Teen Crime in Memphis. When he realizes that you have to fight fire with more fire, then and only then will he see a change in our teen crime. Tony Armstrong has been a huge disappointment as Police Director; has done little to turn things around. Let him go now, pay him his money, and get somebody in there who has the concerns of this town at the top of their list. Let’s see what round two of this series turns out. Good job guys!

  • nothing but the truth

    What a joke. You put slick willie in this. As long as these racist blacks run the city it is what it is.

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