Autopsy: Missouri teen not shot in back

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Residents of Ferguson, MO protest the death of Michael Brown on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

FERGUSON, Missouri– An autopsy done by a national expert, and requested by the family of Michael Brown, found the 18-year-old was not shot in the back.

Despite several people saying Brown was running away with his hands up, Dr. Michael Baden found all six entry wounds were to the front of his body with two hitting his head according to The New York Times.

The front wounds contradict reports Brown was shot in the back while running.

The last two shots were likely the ones to Brown’s head and stopped him according to Baden.

The wound reportedly suggests Brown’s head was bent forward.

The autopsy could support a witness account heard on a video posted to YouTube.

At about 6:50 in the recording a person says Brown ran from the officer, then as the officer exited his vehicle with his gun, Brown turned and ran back at officer Darren Wilson.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has approved another autopsy on Brown’s body, the Justice Department said.

The autopsy will be conducted by a federal medical examiner.

After another night of violence and looting, the National Guard has been deployed to Ferguson.


  • takenobull

    I just put in a video of the officer’s side of the story and a video of the robbery before the shooting. Its awaiting approval from Channel 3. If you lucky they will allow the news.

  • Mary

    The issue wasn’t about getting shot in the BACK. It was being shot in the head from a distance and the fact he was unarmed! What a slanted story that entirely missed the point.

  • Laughingatyoupeople

    Honestly i am on no one side , I think this is utter ridiculous and sad how these people are acting . I mean How many people get killed by the police ? I mean people need to come to there senses , People need to let the Justice system do its work , People are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY in a court of Law . You will get your justice according to the Law , In another perspective how would people react if the person was white and the cop black ? or if he was some other race how many people who get up to protest this ? it is like the African American Race has a long long Grudge on us for something that our great great great great great great Grandparents did to them before we were even existed . It’s time to get over that this is a new age people its not out fault that happen im sorry it did but its not our choice . Basically its time to move on like the rest of the world .

    thats all i have to say

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