Ferguson protests spark march in Downtown Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The deadly shooting of Mike Brown has people speaking out across the country, including in the Mid-South.

Several people got together at the National Civil Rights Museum on Saturday to take a stand against police violence

The group chanted for change and marched down Main Street with a casket above their heads.

Some also held signs pleading justice for Mike Brown, the unarmed teenager killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

"I have a son.  I have a 19-year-old son," Aisha Raison said.  "That could have been my son."

For people., like Raison, the deadly shooting hits close to home.

Though the teenager was killed nearly 300 miles away, Raison said this shooting is the reality of how law enforcement views the black community across the country.

"Its not just black people that are upset. There are white people, there are Hispanics, there are many that are upset," Raison said.

On Saturday, the group showed their frustrations with words and their hands in the air.

The peaceful protest caught attention from nearly everyone they passed in Downtown Memphis.

"The world is watching," Raison said.

As protests calling for answers and change continue across the country, people in Memphis are making sure their voices add to the noise.

"People feel dis-empowered, people feel disenfranchised, people feel voiceless," Paul Garner, with Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, explained.  "Our voices need to be heard and we also have to take that energy and put it into action and we need to organize, organize, organize...that's the only way we're going to get the changes we need to see here in Memphis, in Ferguson, and in the United States," he said.

The group has no plans on stopping the movement.

Another "Enough Is Enough" or "Hands Up" protest is planned for Monday, August 18.

Demonstrations are planned at the following locations along Poplar Avenue between 5:00 - 7:30 p.m:

Poplar & Third

Poplar & Danny Thomas

Poplar & Dunlap

Poplar & Cleveland

Poplar & Belvedere

Poplar & McLean

Poplar & Tucker

Poplar & Cooper

Poplar & E. Parkway

Poplar & Hollywood

Poplar & Tillman

Poplar & Holmes

Poplar & Highland



  • JOE

    How do you justify all this for the shooting of an unarmed man, when it happens everyday in the black comnmunity, black on black.

  • John John

    If that could have been your kid then teach them – if the police tell you to get out of the middle of the ****ing street, then you should get out of the middle of the ****ing street. Violence prevented, problem solved

    • Pat

      As I read your comments and some others I simply think, “This is not an intelligent one.” No time to waste; Save important dialogue for intelligent people.

  • John G

    Yes where are all the protesters at when their folks in their hood is stealing them blind,robbing them and shooting each other faster than the Police and the ambulance can respond.We don’t really know what happened there except taking the word of his partner that was with him when he decided to steal the cigars from the store.Why are the protesters not taking up for the poor store owner that was trying to make a living for himself and his family.Where are the protesters at when their homeboys and girls are looting and burning down the neighborhood something is wrong with this whole Picture.

    • Pat

      You fit right into that racist and/or ignorant mindset that can’t see the forrest for the trees! You can’t or refuse to understand the real issue because you’re blinded by racial prejudice.

  • Macroni

    The sad thing is in the M-Town, it’s the kids down the street killing the kids from across the street. The police force could care less….. All they want is their free meals and vip parking. They not gonna risk all that.. Especially running into a hostile situation with no guarantee of their families well being afterward…. IJS.

  • Ronald

    they need to stop all of the marches because this is getting out of hand. Rodding stores and setting thing on fire will not do any good for anyone. People in Ferguson,Mo. are going out of their minds the way they are acting.

  • gypsy lee

    memphis has enough problems of its own, we don’t need fergusons problems, just goes to show certain people
    just look for a reason to march and riot

    • Pat

      If you are AA, here’s what I have to say to you, “massa, they gon run da night but isa gon stay hel whi you cous isa don’t wont no trouble…Do us all a favor and go learn your history.

  • BigBalue

    why don’t these same people stand on the corners of poplar ave and protest black on black crime? Thats right there no white guy involved to blame.


    All the post just prove how much racisim in the Midsouth so i kno to keep my eyes open at all times…..No matter the color everybody has family and this could be one of your family members….GOD dont like ugly….

    • Pat

      Racism is not just in the Midsouth. It may be more visible, but’s it’s a United States of America epidemic. And ‘White PRIVILEGE’ in America is a reality and some of my honest white friends will
      admit it.

  • TPA

    And look,,all these low info race baiters willing to march for a 2bit lowlife thug all because a police officer had to protect himself and God forbid he is white. Guess it wouldn’t have mattered if the officer was black or it was just another crime ridden day in Chicago,Detroit,Memphis or any other majority black populated city….

    • Pat

      Hey bro, you are ANGRY…By the way you made some good points but you forgot to tell us what change you suggest. I agree Al Sharpton, FBI Informant; No good; NAACP double standards; No good; BUT I LOVE MY PEOPLE and I LOVE AND SUPPORT MY PRESIDENT. I believe they are going to learn how to go out and vote, and vote the right people in Memphis; ARE YOU LISTENING MEMPHIS?!!!; and STOP KNOCKING OUR/YOUR FIRST BLACK President; He’s doing a far better job than many of his predecessors or have you not checked the record; FYI it is unprecedented for an American president to intervene in local
      government matters such as this and he has gottenthe White House involved because Ferguson seems to have a corrupt system of law; WELCOME TO AMERICA!

  • twiz123

    Yeah I appreciate the outrage but isn’t that what we have a court system for? I mean at least with the Trayvon Martin shooting they waited for the DA to drop charges before the outrage. I mean can’t we see and hear the facts of the case before we create a lynch mob???

    • Pat

      One thing you must understand, when a HUMAN BEING has been oppressed or endured injustice over a long period of time in a society that practice two different systems of justice depending on the color of your race the day will come when things will explode. WATCH OUT HOW YOU TREAT BLACK PEOPLE, AMERICA; YOUR SINS are being passed down to your seed (children) Perhaps this may help you to understand why there have been so many massacre killings by white males killing their own families and defenseless school children??? Read the Holy Bible it’s all in there.

  • Ryan McQuary

    people need to stop making this racist….it has not a god damned thing to do with the kids color….the cop would have shot a white man the same as a black man….it was not right and I believe they SHOULD protest until the cop goes on trial, but not about blacks….thats racist that they are whining about it…

    That cop needs to stand trial in front of a jury of his piers the same as a normal citizen does….everyone should….he will be judged then….until they grant the trial….people should protest THAT!!!! not the fact that he shot a black kid…because quite frankly I don’t care that he shot a black kid…I care that he shot a kid….before he knew that the kid committed a crime…

    If the cop was apprehending the kid BECAUSE of the crime….different story….he was not…

    by the way…for everyone who hasn’t seen….the autopsy shows the bullet hits. They are consistent with the kid having his hands on his head…otherwise the holes are sporadic at best…if his hands were on his head they all have similar placement….if he was charging then those bullet holes are impossible…

  • joe brown

    Home invasion yep thats why the police keep shooting yall, clean up yalls act and the police wont shoot you.

  • Rude Druid

    The police have forfeited the trust of the public — the middle class, of all races. Whoever’s fault that is, the cops are the only ones who can make the situation better.

  • Don

    All of the posts didn’t say that if Mike Brown, had not pushed the officer in the cruiser and attempt to get his gun. Brown would still be living.
    Bad mistake the officer feared for his life and did what he had to do to live.

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