Curfew, state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri

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Residents of Ferguson, MO protest the death of Michael Brown on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

FERGUSON, Missouri — After another night of looting and reports of violence, more rules have been put in place in Ferguson, Missouri.

A curfew has been imposed from midnight through 5 a.m.
The Missouri Highway Patrol report three officers were injured in encounters with protesters and looters.

Due to earlier complaints of police force, police mostly stood back while stores were looted overnight.

One of the hardest hit stores was the one police say Michael Brown was in ten minutes before he was shot and killed by a police officer.

Video from the store shows a male fitting the description of Brown, including the same clothes, trying to steal from the store and assaulting a store employee.

The owners of that store vow to be armed and standing outside tonight, though there is little left to take.

There are still many questions about the actual shooting.

“This is a test. The eyes of the world are watching,” said Governor Nixon this afternoon.

In a video posted to YouTube, a man who says he was a witness describes Brown as running from the officer, then as the officer gets out of the car, the man said Brown turned around and ran toward the officer.

The man can be heard about 6:50 into the recording.

Other witnesses have said Brown was running away with his hands up.

Police say he struggled with an officer and tried to get his gun before running.

The video may be disturbing and offensive to some.


  • shawn

    Always look forward to these happenings so we can get free stuff, don’t care about anyone that gets killed.pitiful !!

  • Elwood Suggins

    Mr. Mayor and Mr. Armstrong enforce a curfew here from 9:00pm until daylight for these juvenile thugs in Memphis and also in Shelby County , Mr. Lutteral.

  • mrivoryblue

    This article is misleading. That young boy ran from the officer and then turned around after getting shot with hands in the air. The autopsy will probably show shots fired from a distance and then close up at an angle. The truth will come to light sooner or later…

  • Mckennzie

    What many are not understanding about the looting is, it’s an act of defiance more so than about having the item. Not justifying the act stating a fact. There are good people and there are bad people, and guess what? They are of different ethnic groups. Black people have been the scapegoats of this country since slavery. Any time blacks come together they are met with extreme force. Thats not right, its some idiots acting out just because, but thats not all the people.

  • whoyoukiddin

    It is past time for a curfew to have been put in place, much less arrest the idiots for committing the crimes they are committing. How about the news start reporting what really happened instead of purposely misleading the public that this was a good kid! Tell the truth about him and the fact he attacked a police officer. When you are told to stop for the police you do exactly that. If you do anything else then there is obviously a problem and the police will react to this and not in a good way.

    • Mckennzie

      Just because someone is a police officer does not give them the right to murder someone who is unarmed after running away then turn around and surrender and still be shot. Their is a due process for assault on an officer in court of law not by the officer.

      • donaknowsitall

        That’s all fine and dandy, then let “due process” as you say happen. Don’t loot and riot!
        Do as told and comply with the curfew that was impoised by the Governor. If everybody complies with the curfew there will be nobody on the streets therefore no rioting and looting. Simple really.
        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • gypsy lee

    if this had been a white kid, no one would be rioting. the black communities look for reasons to riot and loot. why
    not tell the truth , this only happens when blacks are involved. it gives them a reason to shout about racist white
    people when they are the most racist.

  • chanceencounterstlm

    Since it is clear that the media has an agenda when choosing a news story and then picking the facts they report about that story to sensationalize it and try to gain ratings. Well, I can no longer help ratings when it inflames people and encourages violence. I am only one person, but since yesterday I decided when I hear Ferguson, Missouri, on any channel, even if it is a commercial, I will change the channel. I will not give ratings to a channel that tries to make a news story instead of broadcast a news story. I may miss a few shows, but at least I have some ethics. I hope others will join me.

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