Officer named in Missouri shooting; Teen was robbery suspect

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FERGUSON, Missouri — Authorities say officer Darren Wilson was the person who shot and killed Michael Brown last weekend.

Wilson has worked for the police department for six years with no history of discipline.

In the minutes before the shooting Wilson responded to a sick call.

It appears Wilson encountered Brown and another male and yelled at them to get out of the middle of the street where they were walking.

Before that, police said Brown was involved in a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store nearby.

Video from the store was released after media outlets filed Freedom of Information paperwork to obtain the video.

KTVI-TV reports, “Michael Brown was allegedly involved in a convenience  store theft that occurred on August 9th at a nearby convenience store.

The dispatch records and video footage of the robbery have been released. The strong arm robbery occurred between 11:53 and 11:54 a, immediately proceeding the teen’s shooting death.”

In the surveillance video the man is wearing what appears to be a white shirt and khaki shorts, the same clothes seen on Brown’s body in the street after the shooting.

A baseball cap seen on the man in the surveillance video also appears to match one Brown wore in photos posted to social media.

Some who say they saw the incident after the robbery said Brown was shot was running with his hands up.

Police have said he struggled with an officer and tried to get his gun before the shooting.

We are told 4-6 shots were fired.

The officer reportedly had injuries to his face.


  • Col Reb

    Well he better start packing to move out of that area because they will be searching for him. They still want their 40 acres and a mule. Run white man run. Deys cumin fa u.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Actually what they want is to know what actually happened that day. If the kid (maybe adult at 18) was involved in a robbery, and they involved in a struggle with the officer who shot him, hopefully then this will come out in the FBI’s investigation. You like everyone else has chosen to jump to conclusions regarding this matter. I applaud the parents and relatives who has stayed out of the spot light, and are trying to deal with this in their own way. However; this is just another one of those situations where people who are looking for an excuse to do something stupid like looting. Can’t say if he was involved in a robbery. Can’t say if he was involved in an altercation with the officer. Can’t say he was running away with his hands up. Can say people need to wait on the facts. I do believe something needs to be done once and for all about race relations in America, and less attention paid to religious fashions in other countries who have been at war with each other in one way or another for thousand of years. First we have to own up to the fact that there is a problem here!

    • donaknowsitall

      I do agree with you Mr. Evans. But I will also say this, I don’t see it happening. Just look at the posts of others. Some cannot or will not change. I never thought that the color of someone’s skin was important until I moved here. Since then, I hear every day about black and white issues. The hate that comes from some people’s mouths is quite alarming.

  • Howard Stern

    Go figure – Michael Brown was involved in a robbery which prompted the police to get called. Brown and his buddy that was with him shoved, basically assaulted, the clerk into a display and stole some cigars. Caught on video. Even the people in the store fingered Brown and his buddy. What a couple of stand-up guys, huh? Yet Brown’s buddy says that they didn’t assault the police officer when he stopped them. He says the officer’s car door ‘ricocheted’ back on him when he was getting out. The officer ended up having to be treated for injuries he received to his face, but it was his car door that caused it? Yeah – right. It’s getting real old when these thugs lie through their teeth and blame the police for everything. And since it is a white officer that shot a black man – and I’m not at all buying the BS stories of Brown’s buddy and some of these other so-called witnesses – rioting and looting ensues and Rev. Al has to show up. I wonder what Rev. Al will say about this new information?

  • Darren

    well if he dont run and the pink panthers find him and string him up, does that mean us whiteys can riot and burn down government housing, liquor stores and CLUBS to make us feel better.

    • IwishUwould

      The pics is not of the same person.. The person in the video has on sandals, The picture of Brown lying dead in the street shows him with tennis shoes on. pay attention to detail before you go believing a flat out lie.

  • IwishUwould

    The pics is not of the same person.. The person in the video has on sandals, The picture of Brown lying dead in the street shows him with tennis shoes on. pay attention to detail before you go believing a flat out lie.

    • WhoAreYouFoolin

      Michael Brown was 6’4” 300 lbs. Criminals routinely change clothes after they rob someone. Come’ on now, don’t play stupid.

    • Howard Stern

      The robbery suspect (Micheal Brown) in the pictures that were released showed that he was wearing sox and sandals – the same thing that Michael brown was wearing in the photo of him in the laying in street. Same shirt – same shorts also. Pay attention to detail.

    • Concerned

      No. They are the same I just compared. As I stated on the other article relating of this, race and guilt or innocence of this is not the issue. The real issue is police hiring and training standards. There is no excuse to shoot someone who is unarmed unless he has you in some kind of deadly hold. Personally, I wold have maced him or smacked him in the head with a night stick, but I wouldn’t have shot him. Police seem to eager or too easily intimidated to pull the trigger these days.

  • Terrie

    hey yo hugh….what do you say about the kid thug want to be stealing from that store & using intimidation against the owner! THIS is what i call a STUPID BLACK BOY! Bullet with his name on it found him too didnt it~!!!! I want to Hear some apologies from all those ppl acting like fools in MO!!!

    • whitesarebarbariandevils

      Just heard the dispatch tapes the anonymous group hacked on youtube i KNEW they were lying plus the store owner came out from the counter and grabbed whoever that guy was BUT you devils say nothing about the white guy who shot his 17 yr old baby mama and there has never been a greater beast than whites or killer

  • IwishUwould

    CNN Report: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told reporters Friday that “the initial contact between” Michael Brown and the police officer who fatally shot him was not related to the alleged convenience store robbery committed nearby a short time earlier.

    The officer approached Brown not because of the robbery, but “because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic,” Jackson said.

    • whitesarebarbariandevils

      I guess they dont hear you the cop didnt aporoach him about any robbery or that alleged store owner never said robbery and that the hijacked dispatch tapes r on youtube on anonymous

  • Child of God

    This is so disrespectful on here. Everybody need to reevaluate themselves cause grown people dont talk like this dont nobodY knows what really happen but those who were there.To sit up and talk about a deceased person that you dont know just shows you aint nothing but a low life creep.I pray that God have mercy on yall soul.

    • whitesarebarbariandevils

      Here they go with the lies if this was the truth they would. Release the dispatch tapes and the dash cam which they cars in fergusean do have can anyone say cover-up? Anonymous will be releasing it soon he was 35 feet away when shot
      Regardless of ethnic. Makeup police killings r out of control if this is true release it all they r lying dogs

  • TPA

    This feral punk a z z thug was just thinned out. He was part of a group of savages that need to be wiped out,,if this sounds harsh or bad,,,,GET OVER IT!! it’s the truth and I’m not just talking about color, I mean ALL colors that follow this gangster lifestyle,,it’s gone way beyond a sit down talking agenda, there needs to be military action to eradicate this cancer from our communities. These animals are domestic terrorists and should be eliminated just like a terrorist.

  • IwishUwould

    I tell you bad website talking crabs what… I’m jogging @ Shelby farms right now.. If you would like come see me.. Anybody can be bad behind a computer. Regardless if the video is him or not. What lead to his death was wrong point blank & thats a fact we all know is true.

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