Power restored after downtown blackout

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Power was restored to downtown Memphis around 2:15 Saturday morning.

Beale Street and the surrounding area lost power at 8:35 p.m. Friday.

MLGW estimated 1500 addresses were affected.

More repairs will need to be made this weekend.

Several emergency lights were set up, and police directed traffic.

Power also went out in the South Main area and Union Avenue downtown.

Police cleared Beale Street around 10:30 p.m.

MLGW said part of a substation went down.

People who gathered around police cars at Second and Beale told us they heard a big boom and the power went out.

Manhole covers on Second Street also dislodged, with flames and smoke coming out, due to an underground fire.

The air had to clear before a crews could go down and make repairs.

Crews investigated if the problem is a gas leak, but determined it was not.

Reporter Jessica Gertler was told people were stuck in elevators at the Peabody Hotel and the Westin.

With customers leaving, businesses said they lost a lot of money.

One couple who was at BB King's all evening had a tab worth several hundred dollars when the power went out.

Business owners were worried people won't return Saturday to pay up, and that their food will spoil.

The outage did not appear on MLGW's outage map because downtown is on its own grid.

If traffic lights go out again and police aren't directing traffic, treat the intersection as a stop.

MLGW headquarters was also without power, though their emergency operation center out east did have electricity.


    • bambam84

      Flames and Gas are spitting out of manholes, but no gas leaks are involved.
      Smh. Keep calm. It’s just a drill.

  • mvanalstine

    Having a nice time at the Peabody:) lights are out but the emergency lights are on. The staff is being wonderful. Not the most fun but not a bad night. #Peabody

  • Nonya

    Well we all know that MGLW will never admit to their failure. This is a given….They did that years ago in 2010 ( I believe) when we lost a washer, dryer, two desktops, and a air conditioning unit. I called they wanted me to pay another guy (which I already paid a guy to fix the air conditioner and he said it was caused due to a electrical burst). MGLW did nothing but tell me to pay someone to come out to fix it. MGLW never helped , we paid over 5k to replace items and they did not help. We used to be without power every time the dog farted ..only took 7 and a half years but our electricity doesn’t go out much anymore. MGLW still owes me about 5k. But that would be wrong because MGLW doesn’t give rats butt about its customers..
    And the Peabody is haunted…hope you get to see some fun there :)

  • OMG

    Good ole AC whartons administration at its finest. Can’t even keep the basic infrastructure running much less stop the 10 shootings and murders a day. Herenton said his administration would be a disaster and oh was he so right!

  • DR

    It is always funny to see people that don’t have a clue what is going on comment on this stuff. Complain about MLGW and trash them without even knowing. First of all people electricity will break just like your cars break down and everything else breaks down so shut the heck up and let these people do their jobs. Second of all electricity can cause fire (arc flash) especially in a contained area such as a manhole. And Nonya mlgw didn’t break your appliances. Surges go down electric lines every day and it’s nothing they can prevent yet they have tons of equipment out there to help contain them it’s for the protection of mlgw equipment wwhich costsmillions upon millions compared to your 5k. If you want to protect your home from NATURAL ELECTRICAL problems then install ground fault breakers in your home. And 99 percent of the time surges only effect low voltage eequipment so probably something else happened on your end too. My main point is people quit complaining about this company they do so much for this city and all they get in return is negativity. Electricity is not indestructible so it will have to be fixed from time to time.

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