Durham School Services to hire about 120 bus drivers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Durham School Services is looking to hire about 120 bus drivers.

General manager Laura Warren says it’s important to get extra workers soon.

“With the growth and the demerger and the routes being split between the municipalities in Shelby County we have approximately 121 driving positions available,” she said.

Michael Perkins is like dozens of his peers sitting inside a classroom at Durham School Services in Memphis. He’s training to become a bus driver.

“I just found out these people are hiring,” he said.

The company is still working to make sure school bus routes run smoothly. Warren says sometimes it takes about three weeks to address issues such as buses arriving late or not at all.

That’s why it’s important to quickly hire help whether they’re union members or not, an issue that almost led to a strike two weeks ago.

“We have our bus drivers that live here locally and also across the United States to cover us here in Shelby County until we get all of our drivers hired and trained,” Warren explained.

Warren expects to have the positions filled by the middle of next month.

Warren says her office needs parents to update information such as their address. A lot of the information they come across isn’t accurate, which makes it tough on the bus drivers.

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  • Nonya

    So what your saying is that SCS nor Durham was ready. I see there are still kids without transportation and frankly this SCS merger was horrible. If my child was going to high school….you have her slated to go to Ridgeway…. Please send all the good kids to the most horrible schools because that makes sense…TN has been said the most “crime ridden” state….I know there are people out here that have the beliefs and are saddened by the state that TN is in. We need to band together to stop the nonsense..Killings, racism, gangs, ect….If we all band together we can get these bugs out of our city….

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