Shooting leaves one dead, two injured

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As kids were getting home from school Thursday, police said someone opened fire at a grocery store in the 700 block of Pope. Investigators don't know if it happened inside the store or in the parking lot.

One person who was hit ran for help, but collapsed and died.

Another stayed at the scene and was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

A third person in the area was also hit by gunfire. He got into a car with his girlfriend and they drove away, but their car flipped at Given Avenue. Both were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Behind the yellow crime tape, there was a silver car with windows shot out and bullet holes piercing the side.

"That's my little brother's car right there! It's shot up," said Terence Garrett.

Garrett said his two little brothers were in the car when bullets went flying at It's All Good Grocery on Pope Street.

"It's hurting. If I have to bury both my brothers, how would you feel?" he said.

Rita Williams, who came home from work and saw the blue lights, said, "I'm sure the people that did this probably don't live here. They never do. They always bring it to someone else's neighborhood."

"Whatever happened in that parking lot, they are going to see it from that camera," she added.

A few blocks over on Given, investigators are trying to figure out if a overturned car was connected. Two people were transported from the scene to the hospital for treatment.

We're told the three people taken to Regional Medical Center were in and out of surgery Thursday afternoon.

As investigators carried bags of evidence and took pictures of the scene, Garrett and his family said a prayer.

"All I know, I can't bury them at the same time," said Garrett.

Police said once the victims wake up, they'll be able to find out more on what happened and possibly who did this.

Authorities also retrieved footage from a nearby security camera they installed last month.

They say the shooter got away, although they took two people in custody for questioning.


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