Thousands of federal employees slated to retire, little interest in federal jobs among youth

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) reports that 600,000 federal employees will be eligible to retire by 2017.

The president of the local chapter of the union said about 37 percent of IRS employees will be retiring around that time.

The union is suggesting parents encourage their school-age children to consider a career with the federal government.

Another agency found that about two percent of graduating college seniors are looking at federal jobs.

NTEU said the low interest level could come from confusion about what federal work entails.

The union reports that the government will be seeking people to work as lawyers, accountants, IT specialists, among others.

“Let them know that federal government's a good place to work,” said NTEU Chapter 98 President Gibson Jones.

“I have two [sons] that are in the military, and they're doing fine, and I would like to encourage anyone out there that that is a great career choice to work for the federal government,” said Memphis resident Shirley Aguilera-Logan.

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  • Mr. Babcock

    Maybe there is hope for this country after all. Sounds like young people have more sense than I thought.

  • Gloria

    Hire the people who are aplying now. Stop cancelling the jobs and changing it to internal only!! You want interest, well, treat job applicants desperately needing jobs deccent.

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