FBI statistics suggest Tennessee is state with most violent crime

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- FBI statistics break down each state's number of violent crime cases in 2012, and Tennessee came out on top.

The report showed that Tennessee had 643.6 violent crimes for every 100,000 people.

The rankings take into account murder and negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, property crime, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

Tipton County Sheriff Pancho Chumley said a magazine recently awarded Tipton the rank of third safest county in the country.

Sheriff Chumley called Tennessee's violent crime rank "concerning," and suggested that the state prioritize punishment for crimes.

"When someone commits a violent crime, a murder, a rape, a child molestation, and they get put to death row, sentenced to death row, then let's not wait for 20 years," Chumley said.

Chumley said Tipton County residents generally know their neighbors and call law enforcement about suspicious activity. He said that helps keep the community safe.

Covington business owner Phyllis Collier grew up in Memphis but moved to Tipton County later on.

She said there was a great deal of violent crime during her time in Memphis.

"It's sad to say but in traveling like for work or whatever, you go to other big cities and turn on the news and it's not about a shooting every morning," Collier said.

There do not appear to be official final FBI numbers available for 2013; however, preliminary reports show violent crime might have decreased in the South by nearly six percent.

Nevada and Alaska rank number two and number three on the list respectively.


  • Phyllis

    Dah! Did we really need to hear them tell it. Crime is supposed to be going down, looking at the news does not convince me that we are being told the truth, but then look where that message is coming from.

  • btamacker

    Lol! Someone needs to check the numbers for New Orleans! They kill each other like it is the national past time! If you go per capita, you need to go Shelby County versus Jefferson Parish.

  • bambam84

    “Suggests?” Um. First of all, it was established last year. (Guess they finally got what they wanted.)
    Secondly, suggests is sorta like kinda maybe saying…..Sorta like kinda maybe. Either we are or we aren’t. We know what our state is like. Smh.
    Reporting around here is dropping like everything else.

  • Earl

    Memphis stains the entire
    State of TN with it’s rampant violent crime. Thank God, I moved from Memphis years ago.

    • Thomas H. Evans

      And moved where? You are correct, Memphis is probably responsible for bringing everyone else down in TN. but Nashville also has it’s share of crime on that end of TN. Crime is every where, can’t run from it. The problem is our judicial systems in America. You kind of have to be afraid to commit a crime in order for crime to go down; doesn’t exist in America. We are so concerned about the Criminals rights in America that the wanna be’s see that as an opportunity. So keep moving, I wish you luck.

    • donaknowsitall

      NO! DON’T MOVE TO TIPTON. Stay where you are.
      When people move, they don’t leave the bad behavior behind, they bring it with them. If they all move to Tipton County, Tipton County will become another Memphis (Shelby County).

    • Phyllis

      Plus the fact that the only place they have a show of force is downtown on Beale street, or in Whitehaven. The rest of the city can go to hades. Our police department deserve better than they are getting, so do the retirees and the widows and children of slain officers. Also, our fire department needs the same consideration, it looks to me like they have to many cooks in the kitchen, and not enough good firemen and women, time you hear of a fire, that same chief or whatever he is does nothing but talk, talk and more talk, maybe he needs to get his hands dirty for a change.

  • timsimpsonloveshisrhumbapanties

    Yeppers, … and Memphis leads the way!

    Who’s gonna pay for all your great ideas, Phyllis????

    • Phyllis

      Well I think if they cut down on the management, cut down on all the crud they are building, quit paying a thousand dollars a month for a leased car etc. we might have some extra monies. So I am getting the idea from you that you think we could use less police and FD personnel is that right? Then if you have a fire or need a cop, go call the mayor to put it out or to help you. Where do you live Tim downtown where you work?

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