Late buses, no buses for some SCS students

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. -- Parents of some Bolton High students say their kids have been late to school a lot the last week, but it's not their fault.

Parents a bus is supposed to pick up their children at Queenshead and Summit Ridge about 6:30 in the morning.

Wednesday, the bus was a few minutes late, but parents say it's the first time it's been close to being on time.

"Since school started. The first day ever," said Mahogany Wilson.

Wilson said buses have been more than thirty minutes late, showed up full or not showed up at all.

She told us some days her son has been forced to sit on the bus floor and other days he has been late to school.

"You know if children have missed buses,the parents have tried to carpool them together, " said Janet Bowen.

Some parents they haven't been able to get through the district's transportation line and haven't had much luck with the troubleshooter website.

They hope the problem is solved, but aren't sure what will happen tomorrow.