Former MPD officer indicted for sexual battery

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Meekose Evans

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Former Memphis police officer Meekose Evans has been indicted on sexual battery and several other charges.

A woman said Evans stopped her car last February near Raines and Faronia because her license plate light was  out.

At the time of the stop, Evans reportedly realized the woman’s license was suspended.

The woman said Evans told her to follow him to a dark area near the Hillcrest Apartments where he allegedly put her in the back of his squad car.

Evans reportedly asked the woman, ‘what she would do for him to avoid getting a ticket.’

“The woman said Evans told her to expose her breasts and that the officer then began fondling them.”

The woman later filed a report with Internal Affairs and identified Evans in a photo spread.

Evans, who was fired in June, has also has been indicted on charges of official misconduct and official oppression.

He is free on $20,000 bond.


  • Hardbutfair

    Okayyyyy, that’s just a little more information than I needed to know. Send him up the creek without a paddle to a place full of loving touching guys like him for a few years is appropriate.

  • OMG

    Meekose? Nice name. Crappy pay and benefits=a whole police force just like this scum bag but good ole Wharton could care less

  • MikeBarret

    If a cop pulled me over, of course I could pick him out of a lineup, that doesn’t prove anything. People be disgruntled about getting pulled over. All police need to have dash cams and body cams at all times, this would protect the citizens from getting abused and the police from false accusations…….

  • not sure

    Ladies if a cop ask you to pull over to a dark area, call 911 and ask questions, because no cop likes to talk in the dark the more light the better.

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