Robber threatens to give security guard AIDS

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A bizarre and scary robbery at the TJ Maxx in East Memphis has customers talking.

"I think it's pretty scary. I was surprised," said Erika Howell. "I've never had any issues shopping here before. Everyone's really nice."

Howell says this TJ Maxx in East Memphis is one of her stops on the way home after work as a nurse. She says in her experience, it's safe.

"I'm always trying to be a little diligent," Howell said. "I'll keep my purse to my side, but I don't walk in here ever worrying about something like that."

But on Sunday, a man reportedly used a very alarming technique to steal $1,200 worth of purses from the store.

A security guard stopped him, but the man fought back. He eventually took out scissors and told the guard he had AIDS and was going to infect him.

He tried to stab the guard, but instead cut himself. Witnesses told police the robber escaped with the stolen bags, but was bleeding profusely. Someone else was driving the getaway car, described as a gold Buick Rendezvous.

Mareko Moss' friend works at the store on Poplar. He said it all happened very fast.

"You just have to pay more attention. You never know who has that messed up mind where they want to rob someone."

TJ Maxx did not get back to us about how the security guard is doing after the incident.

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