Police offering cash reward in dog-fighting investigation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police were called to a North Memphis neighborhood for reports of a badly injured dog. While the animal couldn't be saved, they hope this incident will lead them to a bigger abuse case.

Shaun Armour lives just down the road from where the dog was found.

He said, "They fight the dogs, then the dogs die or whatever. And they just get rid of them."

This weekend, animal rescuers and police faced a difficult case. They got reports of a dog with its face ripped off near the intersection of Wells Station and Berkshire.

Corey Sutton works with animal rescue groups all across Memphis.

He said, "We actually talked to a resident who said the dog was on their property and the dog was used for fighting."

Sutton and Police went to a house on Berkshire and found what they're calling a dog fighting arena setup in the back yard. WREG tried to talk to the owners Monday, but no one came to the door.

Sutton said the area showed the typical signs of dog fighting.

"Very high fencing and massive chains," he said.

Sutton says the dog suffered from bite marks and ripped up ears.

Animal rescue groups call this trend is a problem across the city, not just the bad neighborhoods. Sutton says it won't stop until the city ups the punishment for this crime.

"Jail time instead of a fine. Not being able to have an animal ever again," Sutton said.

The Memphis animal shelter holds classes to teach you the signs of animal fighting so you know what to look for. You can donate to the reward by calling Crime Stoppers and saying your donation is for "Justice 4 Memphis."


  • Kathi Burns

    If no one came to the door of the home and they could see an arena like area and heavy chains, a search warrant should have been obtained so they could rushed in, seized any evidence, esp any dogs and arrested anyone in that house!!!!

  • Ron Shaffer

    I’ve been telling the police for years about dogs fighting in my Frayser neighborhood but they just don’t seem interested. Same as the kids running wild tearing up yards, plants, stealing each others bikes and being just plain disrespectful. Do they listen? Hell no they don’t and won’t till someone gets shot.

  • LS Byank

    No words….
    Come on, legal system -!!!! Increase the penalty , tax the hell out of these people & do not take this act lightly. It should be a felony. Jail time & no contact / ownership of animals ever again!!!!

  • BGK

    How sad once again and people know it is happening! Maybe we need a special division within the police department that only handles nothing but illegal dog fights and a special court and HOTLINE to report it. We need the right avenues for this specific illegal activity. And everyone is responsible and needs to report it, even if you only suspect it is going on!

  • Sherry

    After seeing the pic, it will haunt me forever. They do need a special division. Animal abuse leads to human abuse, and if properly investigated will lead to less violence and saving powerless victims.

  • Fresca

    Saw the picture of the poor dog on Facebook. It is an image I will NEVER forget. Let’s see if Memphis police step up, and catch the real “animals” involved in this heinous crime. Sounds like there’s been a history of suspicious activity in this location. What a disgrace that it had to get to this point before before it was taken seriously!

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