Paid parking arrives at Oxford Square

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OXFORD, Miss. -- The Oxford Square now has something new it’s never had before: parking meters.

Town leaders had talked about them for years, to promote more turnover on the square and open up spaces for people like Lauren Cullen.

”A lot of people just park here because it’s convenient and walk around the square and things like that… and it’s free," she said.

But starting September first, drivers will have to pay a dollar an hour from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, to park here.

Oxford Parking Director Matt Davis says there’s an upside to that plan.

”During the week, you can come at 10 a.m. and park all the day through 10 p.m. They can do that at one time," he said.

That means, pay once, shop all day, but you'll pay for it.

You can still park for free in Oxford, in one of these lots behind the square, but you’ll have to walk a little father to get where you’re going.

But on Ole Miss football game days, the parking game changes as well. You can still park on the square but only for three hours at a time.

”Just trying to get rid of that, tired of people parking on the square, staying on campus all day and then coming back the next day, Sunday, to pick their car up. They’ll be able to pay for three hours at one time,” Davis said.

After three hours, you’ll have to leave the game to feed the meter or get a ticket.

Cullen hopes it brings more turnover and easier parking here.

”I think that people will only park for a few hours now, and then maybe leave so other people can come in and enjoy the square because some people park here and stay all day and it’s especially hard to find a parking spot," she said.

Because she says drivers should not be able to “own” their parking spot all day, without a price.