Businesses looted and burned after St. Louis teen killed by police

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI-TV) The FBI is watching over the investigation of a suburban St. Louis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager Saturday.

At least a dozen businesses in north St. Louis County were looted Sunday following what had been a peaceful vigil.

More than 30 people were arrested.

Hundreds gathered Sunday for a vigil for Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Missouri teen who was shot by a Police officer Saturday afternoon.

County Police Chief Jon Belmar said Brown, 18, and another man got into a struggle with a police officer on Saturday afternoon.

One of the men allegedly shoved the officer back into his squad car.

A shot was fired from the officer’s gun inside the vehicle.

And the struggle spilled out onto the street, where Brown was shot multiple times, according to the AP.

Around 8:30pm Sunday protesters on West Florissant became aggressive and St. Louis County tactical units were called.

By 10pm, St. Louis County Police had called for more assistance from all surrounding municipalities including St. Louis City and the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The QuikTrip convenience mart on West Florissant was looted and set on fire.

Michael Brown’s family speaking out against the violence and has said they will not have any more rallies.

In a statement, a family member said,

“I just want everyone to know and understand that the stealing and breaking in stores is not what Mike will want, it is very upsetting to me and my family. Our family didn’t ask for this but for Justice and Peace…. Please let my family grieve in Peace in stop the violence in the street tonight, we don’t want this happing when we protest for justice for my cousin Mike Brown, please get this message out to the people that the Mike Brown family do not want this.”

At least a dozen other businesses were looted:

The looted businesses include:

Zisser Tire and Auto
Quik Trip
Family Dollar
Ross Dress for Less
Shoe Carnival
Hibbett Sports
Taco Bell
Sprint Store
Phillips 66


  • Lied too

    How about staying focused on the whole story! Do you know it? I don’t but what if he went for the officers gun after he shoved him. That officer has a right to protect himself. These protesters just used this as an excuse to commit crime and terrorize other people. A normal day for them!

    • Zo0tie

      So you are making two baseless speculations to justify police violence. Three if you are making an unproven connection between the looters and the protestors. Learn to use logic.

  • Hooligan

    hmmmm black man shot by police equals free stuff at local stores…………feral black b a s t a r d chilrens wrecking havoc on the civil society….how’s that hope and change working for you…

  • Howard Stern

    I heard on CNN where the reporter was trying to make an issue of a police officer calling the rioters ‘animals’. I say the officer was just about spot on. My only concern would be comparing these fools to animals is an insult to animals.

  • harviele

    Attack a police officer and get shot. What is so hard for them to understand about that? The young man got shot and died as a result of his own foolish actions. Why doesn’t the NAACP use this as an opportunity to teach their young men to respect the laws and obey the law instead of teaching them they are not responsible for what happens to them when they break the law?

    • Memyself

      NO. What should be taught has how to rid yourself of the power hungry, trigger happy police. Stop shoot innocent young men or “The Ones” will start taking matter into our own hands.

  • yuri mali

    yea that unarmed 18 year old kid was so threatening he had to shoot him multiple times….when the cops start riding around white neighborhoods giving out orders when you are just minding you business then i will listen to what you are saying…until then u will never understand what its like to walk in a black man’s shoes in America

    • Paul Fischer

      So what was this man’s arrest record like again? Its simple; obey the orders the police give you, don’t shove a cop and don’t ever reach for their gun and you will live longer.

    • Terrie

      What DID the business owners do to this now dead punk? Nothing which is, I’m sure what you do day to day. Look at the video. Do you not see a bunch of stupid people doing stupid stuff? They are ALL wrong!! And stupid! Worthless dumb fools!

    • luvbreamfishin'

      In a black man’s shoes?,,the same shoes that are looting and robbing? or the same shoes that have criminal records a mile long. How about those same shoes that are killing their very own people because they are in a different gang,,yeah,,that CRUTCH is sooo tired.

  • Paul Fischer

    So can members of this perpetually aggrieved group explain what these businesses that were attacked and looted had to do with the shooting of this adult? In the end the only thing they did was show why stereotypes exist, cause those people with jobs not to be able to go into work and give business owners a reason not to want to invest in minority neighborhoods.


    Well, just look at the lowlife’s that were there! That is all the black people what to do is rob and attack innocent people. Same old same old in SAINT LOUIS!!!! THE HOOD!!!

  • thebearerofbadnews

    It’s the sh*t where you eat mentality at work: get ‘angry’ steal and burn down your neighborhood. This is just comical on so many levels that it’s almost sad. Dear Black people, this is why you will forever be in the shape that you are. Your apex has been reached, you are on a nose dive…forever.

  • Business Owner

    Every corporation and business owner who has a store in the area should leave and never go back to that community.


    All these commits show that we as people have a long way to go when every color has killed, looted, stolen from one another. It does not make it no better when blaming another race when your race did BADDER things to alot of people. Think bout that.

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